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Audio News for August 19, 2016

Steps to Protect a Home’s Electronics – More and more homeowners are becoming aware of the need to protect their homes from lightning strikes. The number of homes struck by lightning has increased 5 to 8% and exceeds billions of dollars annually. Lightning can rip thru roofs, cause structural damage, ignite fires and cause chaos with electronic equipment. The most common damage mode is a lightning strike to the network power, phone and cable TV. It can go to all your connected equipment. The next most common mode of damage is when lightning strikes travel thru the ground connecting to the external wiring such as air conditioners, exterior lights, gate control systems and security systems – all of which will carry the lightning into the home. The third most common lightning damage is when it strikes nearby objects such as trees, flagpoles and signs. It can thus radiate a strong electromagnetic field which can be picked up by the wiring in the house. The fourth and last mode of damage is a direct lightning strike to the house. The National Electric Code requires certain grounding, bonding and protection features intended to protect against lightning. They can greatly reduce personal injury, […]