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Audio News for April 22, 2016

New Google Chromecast –  The new Chromecast is much smaller than the old one. It is meant for audio and video streaming and works on both iOS and Android platforms. You only need a speaker with the proper connectivity ports. The Chromecast also needs constant power so keeping it close to a laptop or TV […]

Audio News for April 19, 2016

FCC Proposal Re: TV Set-Top Boxes – The FCC has approved a proposal letting consumers swap their pricey cable boxes for cheaper devices and apps, to boost competition in the $20 billin TV set-top box market while delivering a blow to the major cable companies. Customers can obtain video services from providers such as Apple, […]

Audio News for November 28, 2012

Whole-Home Audio Cheap and Easy; Meridian Opens U.S. Store This Week; Dish Systems Fights FCC Proposal to Repurpose Portion of Their Spectrum; Black Friday One for the Records; Poor Consumer Electronic Market for 2012

Audio News for February 7, 2012

Digital Cinema in Theaters Grows; Congress Continues to Sell OtA TV Channels for Broadband Use; Consumers Will Adopt OtT Thru Blu-ray Players; The Digital Revolution = Degradation of AV Quality

Audio News for October 15, 2010

CEA Blasts NAB for Wanting to Make FM Tuners Government-mandated in Cellphones; CableCARD Rule Changes; Netflix Goes From Two-Channel to Surround Using Dolby Digital Plus; New Google and Apple TV Services May Hurt TV Stations and PVR Vendors