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Audio News for November 5, 2013

Five Common Home Theater Mistakes; Jump in Sell-Thru Revenue for Electronics in Q3 According to DEG; The Economist Says Digital Divide Should be Redefined; Google, Yahoo, Twitter, Others Seeking More Screen Time With You

Audio News for April 12, 2013

38 Different Recordings of The Rite of Spring; Turn Your TV Into a Very Smart TV; Shapiro Says Hollywood and Consumer Electronics ‘Need Each Other”; Does Your Home Have an “Electronic Elephant?”

Audio News for August 7, 2012

Logitech Introduces TV Camera for Skype; DEG Announces New Officers; Sharp Electronics Has Wider Loss, Cutting 5K Jobs; Google Licenses Rovi Guide Tech; Smart TVs’ Increasing Popularity

Audio News for November 15, 2011

Logitech Admits Mistake in Google TV Platform Launch; EMI Recorded Music Unit To Be Sold to Universal Music; Sony May Sell Their TV Business; Panasonic has Biggest Loss in a Decade; Nuforce Shows Dia DAC

Audio News for May 20, 2011

New Transparent TV Energy Labels Now Mandatory; Grace Wi-Fi Radio Now Includes Recording Option; Google Android@Home & Tungsten To Bring Your Music Closer; Headphone Maker Moves Manufacturing Back to the U.S.

Audio News for November 12, 2010

DGG Celebrates 112th Birthday With 56-CD Box Set; Apple and Google to Clash in Music Space; Mozart Stops Violence; Software Predicts If a Song Will Be a Hit; Soft and Flexible Earpieces Make Difference in New Earphones; CEA Launches Tech Enthusiast Membership Category

Audio News for October 15, 2010

CEA Blasts NAB for Wanting to Make FM Tuners Government-mandated in Cellphones; CableCARD Rule Changes; Netflix Goes From Two-Channel to Surround Using Dolby Digital Plus; New Google and Apple TV Services May Hurt TV Stations and PVR Vendors