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Audio News for February 3, 2017

Amazon Tap for Alexa – brings a hands-free option and works even if you take your Alexa on the road, it is now $130. You have to literally tape the Tap to give it a command. But it doesn’t sound as good as other Bluetooth speakers in its price range (and not as good as […]

Captain America – Civil War, Blu-ray 3D (2016)

Captain America – Civil War, Blu-ray 3D (2016)

A noisy cgi-filled adventure with Marvel comic book characters. Captain America – Civil War, Blu-ray 3D (2016) Cast: Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans, Scarlett Johansson, Sebastian Stan, Anthony Mackie, Don Cheadle Directors: Anthony & Joe Russo Studio: Walt Disney Studios/Marvel 135201 (9/13/16) 3D (2 discs) Video: 1.29:1 for 16:9 screens HD color 3D Audio: English […]

Audio News for July 5, 2016

Panasonic Has a $699 UHD Blu-ray Deck – The DMP-UB900 has 60fps playback, HDR support, and can stream UDH content from Netflix and YouTube. Audio specs include hi-res playback of WAV, FLAC, DSD and ALAC files, digital tube-sound with up-sampling, isolated twin HDMI ports for audio and video, and 7.1 analog audio output. Samsung also […]

Audio News for October 7, 2014

Holiday Tech Spending to Reach Record Levels; Trumpeter Kenny Wheeler Dies; Sony Adds Nanotech Streaming to UHD TVs; Bose Expands SoundLink Line; Wi-Fi Alliance Promises Simpler Wi-Fi Direct