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Audio News for September 27, 2016

Snapchat Introduces Sunglasses with a Video Camera to Record 10-second Videos – This rather bizarre unit will retails for $130 and makes use of a 115-degree lens making all recorded video circular. The idea is that the recorded video will more closely approximate the human eye’s range of vision. It also will come in three colors. Snapchat became an online phenomenon, so perhaps the glasses will too. David Beckham Does Pushups to Live Classical While Drinking Atop a Piano – You can see him on Instagram this week sharing his journey for the 22 Pushup Challenge. It is to bring awareness for service men and women who take their lives post-conflict. In the video, he says “…I’m 79 floors up, I’m lying on top of a piano, and I thought I’d bring a pianist with me…I thought you’d find it romantic.” Black Violin and Other Classical Music Events –  On the 23rd the two classical-trained Florida musicians fused hip-hop with pop and classical. The next day was the premiere at Oberlin of What Noises Remain, a one-hour-long work for percussion, electroacoustic sound, text and video. Its basis it eh Shakespeare play The Tempest. The Oberlin Orchestra also gave its first […]

Audio News for September 9, 2016

Everything by Mozart Gets 200-CD Set – Decca Classics has now released a massive 200-disc box set for Mozart completlists. DGG also participated in the Universal Music Group release titled Mozart 225: The New Complete Edition, which arrives late next month. It contains all his symphonies, concertos and all 22 operas plus a newly-discovered composition. (It was a friendly competition with Antonio Salieri and involved a song.) There are also two hardcover books, with a new biography and several frame-worthy prints. The collection was created in partnership with the Salzburg Mozarteum Foundation and Mozart expert Cliff Eisen. Amazon will sell it for $479.36, while Presto Classical appears to have it for only $350. Other Mozart products being prepared are a 33-DVD package all of his operas, a 3-CD collection of “singles,” digital download bundles, streaming albums and themed playlists. The box set consists of 4000 tracks, with 15,000 minutes of music, 600 performers and ensembles, 60 orchestras, 20 different record labels, 5 hours of newly-recorded performances, two hours recorded on Mozart’s own instruments, and it would take ten days to listen to all the music. 70% of the recordings are different from the last major Mozart box set. Video Games […]