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Audio News for December 23, 2016

Suggested VR Social Platform –  MyVR users can discover, save, stream or share online content including news articles, music and videos. MyVR, available free, enables owners to visit others’ virtual rooms, and hold group voice chats while browsing the web, watching videos, reading articles or listening to music.  It is available for iOS devices at:  […]

Audio News for August 5, 2016

Cadillac CT6 Bose Panaray Audio System – The $3700 optional audio system puts 34 tiny speakers around the cabin to create an immersive soundstage. It succeeds where most surround sound systems fall short: it perfectly blends the discrete channels into a uniform soundstage. The system’s center channel silently rises from the center of the dash […]

Audio News for March 27, 2015

Pioneer Expands Atmos and Adds HDCP 2.2; SOL Wireless Headphones; Astell & Kern Limited Edition Hi-Res Mobile Audio Player; ‘Deezer Elite’ Hi-Res Audio Streaming Now Global; The Rise of Hi-Res Digital Music

Audio News for December 10, 2013

Mandela Inspired Concerts, Songs, Movies, Poems, Fiction; LA Times’ List of Top Hi-Res Download Sites; A Premium Clock Radio from Yamaha; Dell Shipping Its First UHD Monitors in Early 2014; Biopic on The Beatles’ Manager; Spotify to Compete with Pandora and iTunes by Offering Free Music; La Scala Gala Season Closes with La Traviata

Audio News for November 18, 2011

Vizio Begins Rollout of Passive 3DTVs; Yamaha Launches First HTiB System with Blu-ray Player; New CE Company Launches Wireless Speaker Line; Electronic Fuses As Hot-Swap Power-Management Devices; New Version of ITunes