Klipsch Archive

Audio News for April 5, 2016

Guide to Immersive Sound – It’s getting quite complex what with Auro 3D, Dolby Atmos and DTS:X on the scene and your having to install new height speakers. (The last one has been vaporware until just now.) The former 7.1 horizontal system with two center back speakers was a big mistake, and Auro 3D requires […]

Audio News for January 9, 2015

Highlights of Home Entertainment Report for 2014; DEG’s Four Awards for Most Outstanding Digital Entertainment Products of the Year; Growth of Wireless Speaker and Audio Association

Audio News for December 6, 2013

New Smart TV Platform; Free Linn Christmas Downloads; Klipsch Launches Anti-Counterfeiting Program for Headphones; Spotliter App Produces Video Effects as They are Recorded; Kickstarter Getting Involved in More Audio Product Introductions; Meridian Explorer is TAS’ Product of the Year; 2013 Editors’ Choice Awards for Cartridges Under $500

Audio News for May 29, 2012

HDTT Releases Rare Recordings by Paul Klipsch in Hi-Res; Chesky Records Introduces Binaural Series; New Amazon “‘Never Before” DVD Store; Growing Demand for Home Tech Installation