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Audio News for September 16, 2016

The Loss of the Well-Rounded Musician – Mozart and his sister experienced many different styles of playing and composing around Europe, and Beethoven was known more as an improviser at the piano during his first years in Vienna. Today most musicians have become more specialized and strive for being note-perfect with perfect technical finish.  It […]

Audio News for August 9, 2013

Home Entertainment Spending Up 2%; U.S. Consumer Confidence Dips from Five-Year High; Convenience Killed Piracy in Norway; Top Entertainers Urge Congress to Force Radio Stations to Pay Royalties; Evolution of Online Video to Multiscreen Online Video

Audio News for October 6, 2011

Apple’s Steve Jobs Dies; Monterey Jazz Festival Receives $300,000 Grant; Rhapsody Acquires Napster; Yamaha Expands to Soundbars, Headphones, Tabletop Audio;New Color Kindle for $199; New Nikon Mirrorless Cameras