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Audio News for June 7, 2016

On Panasonic Giving Up On Plasma TVs – The TV set made Panasonic a household name from Singapore to San Francisco. Their TV engineers pointed out that though plasma flat-panel technology gave a better picture, consumers preferred the lighter, durable rival: liquid LCD TVs. When the new president Kazuhiro Tsuga took over in 2012, he […]

Audio News for March 24, 2015

Consumers Not Satisfied with Audio System Quality; Panasonic Comeback – Best Profit in Seven Years; Common Chemicals in Home Electronics and Furniture May Contribute to Obesity; “Stringquest” Takes Classical Music on a New Turn

Audio News for November 15, 2011

Logitech Admits Mistake in Google TV Platform Launch; EMI Recorded Music Unit To Be Sold to Universal Music; Sony May Sell Their TV Business; Panasonic has Biggest Loss in a Decade; Nuforce Shows Dia DAC

Audio News for June 3, 2011

SRS Labs Offers iWow 3D Hardware Adaptor; VRM Box Lets Recordists Hear Mixes via Ten Different Playback Systems; Comcast Offers IT Support and Insurance Service; New Technology Expands Wireless Audio Connectivity; Samsung Takes Lead in U.S. Plasma Market