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Audio News for December 23, 2016

Suggested VR Social Platform –  MyVR users can discover, save, stream or share online content including news articles, music and videos. MyVR, available free, enables owners to visit others’ virtual rooms, and hold group voice chats while browsing the web, watching videos, reading articles or listening to music.  It is available for iOS devices at:  itunes.apple.com/us/app/myvr-virtually-everything/id1171449912?mt=8 and Android users at:  itunes.apple.com/us/app/myvr-virtually-everything/id1171449912?mt=8 New users can choose from five pre-set rooms for their profile. After the coming update, users will be able to use real-life items to design their room. When complete, users select different items in the room to access different feeds of content – such as selecting the TV to watch viral videos or the music player to listen to their favorite songs. Hundreds of trending articles, recipes, videos, photos, music and more will be available the moment they are published. MyVR will bring everything people love to do online into a run and social virtual reality world, taking advantage of the platform’s voice and motion recognition technology to make finding and sharing interesting content easier and more intuitive. Pono Will Re-Invent Itself as a Streaming Service – Neil Young will change his his Pono hi-fi service to a hi-res […]

Audio News for June 21, 2016

Bowie Classical Tribute Scheduled – Glastonbury in the UK will have a tribute concert for the late David Bowie tomorrow. Philip Glass will conduct his 1966 orchestral work Heroes Symphony which was a tribute to the 1977 Bowie album Heroes. The music will be backed by an immersive light and laserworks show by Chris Levine. Surface Hub Videos Focus on Music Notation, Product Planning, and More –  Microsoft’s Surface Hub has been on sale to customers for a few month. They have decided to highlight some documented real world application and hardware use cases in a series of YouTube videos. They focus on third party software on the Surface Hub doing music notation with StaffPad, collaborative creation with Drawboard, and Video looping with TechSmith Loop. LeEco Bringing Its Phones and Video Streaming to U.S. – This fall LeEco, which has launched hi-end affordable Android phones outside of the U.S., will be bring them into the U.S.  Their phones are light and will be sold unlocked. The company is currently securing the rights to live and recorded U.S. video content, and their handsets will support other streaming services as well. The phones have solid specs and affordable price tags. Is MQA […]

Audio News for March 27, 2015

Pioneer Expands Atmos and Adds HDCP 2.2; SOL Wireless Headphones; Astell & Kern Limited Edition Hi-Res Mobile Audio Player; ‘Deezer Elite’ Hi-Res Audio Streaming Now Global; The Rise of Hi-Res Digital Music

Audio News for March 13, 2015

Mark Waldrep of AIX Comments On Hi-Res Mis-promotion; Apple TV Losing Share of Streaming Video Devices; Music Streaming Continues to Rise; Connected Audio Products Connect With Consumers

Audio News for September 5, 2014

New Curated Music & Video Streaming Service; Pono Music Store to Launch in October; Roku Smart TVs from RCA TV; Sony Introduces Hi-Res Portables; MacWorld Says Start with NAS for the Ultimate Home Theater

Audio News for August 30, 2013

Forbes Weighs In on Pono Probability; GEEK USB DAC for Headphones; Three Classical Recordings Distributors Have Failed; Other Classical News; Home Appliances Devour Major Amount of Energy