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Audio News for February 3, 2017

Amazon Tap for Alexa – brings a hands-free option and works even if you take your Alexa on the road, it is now $130. You have to literally tape the Tap to give it a command. But it doesn’t sound as good as other Bluetooth speakers in its price range (and not as good as wired speakers), is not waterproof and doesn’t work at all without wi-fi. With a standard Alexa device, you speak into the air and it just hears you, but you can toggle the activation in the app and the Tap responds to the wake word “Alexa.” The always-on mode cuts battery life very little and it is clearly ahead of other devices in terms of multitasking. Where to Find Greek Classical Music – Most people doesn’t associate Greece with classical music. Not many know that Mikis Theodorakis – who wrote the great music for Zorba the Greek – also wrote chamber music. The Greek Chamber Music Project in San Francisco is putting this right with a concert there May 9th. It is titled “From the Village to the Concert Hall, Inspirations from Greek Folk Music.” It includes works by Petros Sakelliou, John Psathas, and the US […]

Audio News for February 17, 2017

Your Next Home Phone May Be an Echo or Google Home – Both Amazon and Google are reportedly looking into bringing speakerphone functionality to their smart little speakers. It’s the next local step for increasingly popular devices, and one some consumers have asked for. The current roadblocks are concerns about privacy, telecom regulations, access to emergency services and user experience. The new feature could however arrive as soon as this year. Both voice-enabled devices have had a meteoric rise lately. Epson Home Cinema for Winter Dream Staycation – The Cinema 3700 projector ($1,499) is compact and has 3000 lumens of color brightness and 3000 lumens of white for a bright images in a range of viewing environments. The 3LCD technology gives up to 3 times brighter colors. Setup is simple, with a range of placing options from a bookshelf to mounting on the ceiling. Its 1.6x zoom ensures easy installation – you can project a sharp-focus 110-inch image from just 10.5 ft. away. It supports HDMI and MHL and delivers full HD 1080p images. Dolby Labs is Among Fast Company’s Most Innovative Consumer Electronic Companies – Its focus on innovation has led to breakthrus across its major product lines: Dolby […]

Audio News for April 22, 2016

New Google Chromecast –  The new Chromecast is much smaller than the old one. It is meant for audio and video streaming and works on both iOS and Android platforms. You only need a speaker with the proper connectivity ports. The Chromecast also needs constant power so keeping it close to a laptop or TV is recommended. Your smartphone and Chromecast have to be on the same Wi-Fi network. You can download the Chromecast app from the Google Play store or Apple store. The app shows several supported applications, including Wynk and Saavn for music streaming. You can also mirror music from an Android phone or tablet.  You launch the app, choose the Devices tab and tap on the Chromecast. It will then prompt you to connect it to your Wi-Fi network and plays a test tone to alert that the device has been successfully connected. A new feature is the Guest mode, which allows friends to stream to your speakers without using your Wi-Fi network. After you get it set up it works fluidly. There is lesser power drain from the smartphone and wider coverage than you get with Bluetooth-enabled speakers. You can also work on other application on […]

Audio News for February 13, 2015

B&O Improves Home Automation Integration; Nine Atmos-Enabled Blu-rays Now Out; Dish Targets DirecTV Subscribers; Samsung Response to Smart-TV Privacy Concerns; Onkyo Music Store Now in Operation; Russound Launches KNX Interface

Audio News for May 10, 2013

Worries About Coming of Google Glass; World’s Highest-Resolution Master Recording for New Linn Release; Red Introduces Pro 4K Cinema Player; For the Rich and Committed Hi-End Home Theater Movie Fan