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Audio News for June 7, 2016

On Panasonic Giving Up On Plasma TVs – The TV set made Panasonic a household name from Singapore to San Francisco. Their TV engineers pointed out that though plasma flat-panel technology gave a better picture, consumers preferred the lighter, durable rival: liquid LCD TVs. When the new president Kazuhiro Tsuga took over in 2012, he announced that he would downsize the TV business as a whole and shutter the plasma plants. He re-organized Panasonic’s myriad businesses, ditched other beloved but moneylosing operations, and refocused investment on more promising businesses. The company no longer sells TVs in the U.S. and has a minimal presence in China. It has conquered extreme losses and is doing much better than competitors Sony and Sharp. Monolith Seven-Channel 200-watt Amp – At $1499 the new 7×200 multichannel home theater power amp from Monolith provides a serious shot of adrenaline for your audio surround systems at a low price. It is a massive Class AB amp with dual torodial power supplies with weights 92 lbs. Unlike most multichannel amps, the Monolith is measured for its 200-watt rating with all seven channels driven across the full power bandwidth – not just two. It has a three-year replacement warranty […]