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Audio News for March 28, 2017

Denon S Series AV Receivers for Home Theater –  Denon will have a new series of AVRs for from $279 to $579 next month.  The idea is to make home theater easier now. The entry level AVR has 4K with HDR compatibility, Bluetooth streaming, and 140 watt per channel. The top of the line includes built-in HEOS, object-oriented surround sound processing, Wi-Fi and 185 watt per channel, along with several additional features. Electronics All Over Your Home Could Be Spying on You – A Canadian sex toy manufacturer handing over $4 million in settlement of a privacy lawsuit last week when a customer discovered that its Bluetooth-controlled, app-connected vibirator secretly collected highly sensitive personal data on the person. WikiLeaks has claimed that powerful surveillance tools once only deep inside the CIA could be designed to turn any connected device into a tool to spy on its owner. Hackers have been targeting so-called smart devices for years. They often use the webcam attached to a device to spy on their victims.  One DIY trick users have employed is to cover their computer or gaming system’s built-in webcam with a piece of tape, so the hackers aren’t able to see much of […]