Sharp Archive

Audio News for May 8, 2015

RadioShack Trademark Sales Still in Limbo; Sharp Plans Custom Audio Channel; Digital Video Spending Hits #2.1 Billion in First Quarter; Samsung Sales & Profits Off in First Quartet; Tidal Claims to be Hi-Res But Isn’t

Audio News for January 9, 2015

Highlights of Home Entertainment Report for 2014; DEG’s Four Awards for Most Outstanding Digital Entertainment Products of the Year; Growth of Wireless Speaker and Audio Association

Audio News for October 31, 2014

Ten Best Classical Music Comedies and Parodies; Complete Peabody Panel on the Uncertain Future of Classical Music; Sharp Introduces World’s First Wireless Hi-Res Audio Player; Possible Dangers of Wireless Radiation

Audio News for May 27, 2014

Classical Music News; Sharp Greatly Reduces Prices on Aquos & UHD TVs; Screen Innovations Enlarges Selection of Ambient-Light-Rejecting Screens; Integra Adds HDMI 2.0 and HDCP 2.2 to AVRs; More UltraViolet Users Watching TV Content

Audio News for May 23, 2014

Samsung Marketing for Curved-Screen UHD TVs; Sharp’s New Audio Products; New Bluetooth Smart; Russound Preparing New Products; HBO Content Now On Amazon Prime Instant Video

Audio News for May 9, 2014

Consumer Demand for Apps; CEA Asks Senate for Patent Reform; Enhancement of Sharp’s Smart TVs; UK Survey Shows Youth Buying Physical Format Music But Don’t Listen to Them

Audio News for March 28, 2014

Onkyo Adds HDMI 2.0 and “4K” Video to Multichannel Receivers; Increased Consumer Confidence; D-Link Has Wi-Fi Extender; Sharp Universal Player Transmits Hi-Res Audio and HD Video Wirelessly

Audio News Nov. 9, 21012

Composer Elliott Carter Dies at 103; Vizio 21:9 Display Makes Consumer Reports’ List of Ten Standout Electronics Products; Heterogeneous System Architecture Foundation; Sony, Sharp and Panasonic All Report Significant Losses; Samsung To Revamp Corporate Identity; Sony Steps Into High-End Home Audio

Audio News for February 24, 2012

Classical News; Gryphon Mephisto Solo Monoblock Amp; Sharp Adds DTS 2.0 to LCD TVs; Pinnacle Speakers Wins Unauthorized Distribution Dispute; Yamaha Merges Home Audio with Musical Instruments in U.S.