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Audio News for June 22, 2012

SRS Consumer Promo; iBiquity Digital Announces 14 More New Cars with HD Radio; URC Debuts Amp/Surround Processor; Consumer Electronics Market in U.S.; Consumer Electronics Show in New Delhi

Editorial For October 2011

Editorial For October 2011

To be one of five lucky AUDIOPHILE AUDITION readers receiving the new iWOW 3D Audio Enhancement Adaptor by SRS Labs, all you need do is register this month using our simple non-intrusive email-protected form. You could soon be enjoying extremely high-quality sound from all of your digital music and movies on your iPhone, iPod or […]

Audio News for August 2, 2011

MOG Offers Its Music Service on LG Electronics; College Teacher Takes 3D Prize; Beyerdynamic Custom Headphones; HDTT Answers Hi-Res Upsampling Accusations; SRS Labs in Partnership With Currys Essentials and Logik TV