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Audio News for September 6, 2016

Amazon Wants to Lower Music Streaming Prices Like It Did Books – Amazon is considering offering it own music streaming subscription service which would only work on their Echo voice-assisted small speaker at only $5 a month instead of the now-industry standard of $10 a month rate. The record labels exchanged their physical CDs for downloads for music-as-a-service, and made less money every time. That is why they blocked Apple Music from doing a sub-$10 streaming plan, which would further eat away at their profits. But perhaps the $5 Echo subscriber would be an entirely new audience that has never paid for music. Amazon refuses to comment, but they want to get more people into their Amazon Prime network at $99 a year, with free shipping. Voice Control for Smart Speakers & Music Streaming –  In an effort to simplify the lives of consumers, the industry is planning voice control and other connected device capabilities. Sonos will soon have voice control with any Amazon-enabled device, such as the Echo. It has teamed up with Alexa, Spotify and oher music streaming partners to integrate third-party stream services into their connected audio platform. The integration is on the software side. Sylvania’s Smart […]

Audio News for July 29, 2016

Finnish Composer Rautavaara Dies –  At age 87 the composer of many inspirational works passed away, and left this statement: “It is my belief that music is great if, at some moment, the listener catches ‘a glimpse of eternity through the window of time’… This, to my mind, is the only true justification for art. All else is of secondary importance.” Xbox One S to Launch August 2 –  It will be the first console to support UHD video and the new larger-capacity Blu-rays, and the smaller version will initially be up available in 25 different countries. Thee will be three different models: a 500GB version for $299, a 1TB version for $349 and a 2TB version of $399. According to Microsoft “availability is limited and demand is high” and they suggest preordering the console soon. Investigation Finds That Millions of Consumers Are Targeted by Malware Operators –  A Digital Citizens investigation has found that malware operators and content theft website owners have teamed up to target consumers, with an unexpected assist from U.S.-based tech firms. One in three content theft websites expose consumers to dangerous malware that an lead to ID theft, financial loss and ransomware. The report found […]