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Audio News for January 27, 2017

End-To-End Multilingual Streaming Solution –  Osprey Video has partnered with Belgium-based streaming company Streamovations. to present videos in multiple languages thru a single turnkey system based on software certified to work with Osprey Video hardware. They wanted to develop a system so that any organization could accomplish its streaming goals, since many need to share live video on the web in multiple languages simultaneously, but there is no out-of-the-box system to do it. Customers can capture, encode, transcode, manage, analyze and store all content, streaming up to 32 audio feeds with one system. The video is properly mixed with the different audio tracks for each language. It uses new Osprey cards, and simplifies streaming for anyone in any industry, even if they need to stream in just one language. Samsung Soundbar Works Without Rear Speakers – The New Samsung HW-K850 Soundbar delivers both the width and height of sound associated with Dolby Atmos mixes, and its powerful subwoofer ensures there is not shortage of movie-friendly bass, too. The subwoofer is just a big black box, but it is wireless and is designed to sit behind another chair or cabinet. It has full 4K, HDR passthrough in a compact and attractive […]

Audio News for November 4, 2016

Classical Music Can Be Your Best Friend in This Political Turmoil – Research suggests that classical music could be just the thing to calm you down. Sort of like Vivaldi replacing Valium. Recent Research in Bochum, Germany had 120 participants in which half lay down in silence while the other half listened to classical music. When vital signs were taken afterwards, all had lower heart rates and other benefits, but the benefits were greatest in those who had listened to the classics. iPhones Not the Only Apple Products Dropping the Optical Out Jack for Headphones  – The old MacBook Pro had an optical audio output but it is gone with the new 13-inch model, and not likely on higher-end models either. The port is described by Apple as  a 3.5mm headphone jack with support for audio line out (digital/analog). There is no listing for S/PDIF optical digital audio output. Apple says “plenty of USB-C zero-latency professional peripherals are available now, or coming very soon.” Whether the MacBooks are provided with an adaptor for headphones like the new iPones is unknown. New Inexpensive LG 3D Blu-ray Deck –  The PB556 is only about $166, plays Blu-rays, DVDs and CDs, has Wi-Fi […]

Audio News for October 21, 2016

Musical America 2017 Awards – went to pianist Juja Wang for Artist of the Year, to Andrew Norman for Composer of the Year, to Finnish Susanna Mälkki for Conductor of the Year. to bass-baritone Eric Owns for Vocalist of the Year, and to Eighth Blackbird for Ensemble of the Year. Noisy Audiences and Music – The Irish Times has a current article on Noisy Audiences and Classical Music. A couple in front of the reporter kept up an intermittent conversation thruout the entire concert. A few seats away a man was constantly swigging water from a large plastic bottle, while others here and there were busy texting away with their phones in silent mode.  Irritating clapping – applause for the sake of applause – broke out after each movement of a symphony only added to the overall atmosphere of casual inattention.  And the article didn’t even mention movies, where many of the audiences act just as they do at home watching TV, with everyone talking out loud. Ah, the advantages of listening to recorded music… Bluetooth Audio Set for Big Improvements – The people behind Bluetooth will move all audio applications into a new low-energy radio, called BLE for Bluetooth […]

Audio News for September 16, 2016

The Loss of the Well-Rounded Musician – Mozart and his sister experienced many different styles of playing and composing around Europe, and Beethoven was known more as an improviser at the piano during his first years in Vienna. Today most musicians have become more specialized and strive for being note-perfect with perfect technical finish.  It is now rare for professional classical musicians also to be composers. Improvising is generally out of fashion. Some critics feel that the separation of composers and instrumentalists as professions is slowly killing the spirit of classical music. Two New Smart Audio Technologies – Frontier Silicon, leaders in smart audio technologies, offered two new items at CECIA 2016: Minuet – a Googlecast-enabled speaker toolkit for Wi-Fi speakers, soundbars and hi-fi systems, and Venice 6.5 – a cost-optimized solution for multi-room speakers that includes Napster, Spotify Connect, and Deezer. The Minuet includes the entire design set needed to build an audio product and comes pre-certified for CE, FCC, the Wi-Fi Alliance and Bluetooth. It also handles the latest v. 4.2 of Bluetooth, the latest Wi-Fi, diversity antennas, a dual-core ARM A7 processor and multiple audio inputs and outputs. Venice 6.5 integrates with premium streaming music services, has […]

Audio News for June 30, 2015

Sony and Best Buy Plan Hi-Res Music Demos in 70 Stores; Interesting Article on “Audio Overkill”; High Ranking of Samsung HDTVs; PS Audio Launches PCM/DSD DAC for $1299; Jasco GE Chargers to Untangle the Nest of Wires

Audio News for October 21, 2014

Sony’s New Digital Hi-Res Player Out Next Month; Huge Controversy Over Met’s Production of The Death of Klinghoffer; Sling & ViXS Collaborate on New Transcoder for TV Anywhere; CE Retail Sales Surge 6%

Audio News for September 23, 2014

Radio Shack Trying to Avoid Bankruptcy; JVC Adds Four Waterproof Headphone Models; Marantz Premium Headphone Amp; Lexar Introduces Fastest UHS-II Memory Cards Available; Hi-Res Walkman for Those on the Move