XPAND Archive

Audio News for July 31, 2012

XPAND 3D Creates Home Theater Division; HDtracks Presents Historic Blue Note Jazz Hi-Res Downloads; Sceptre Ships $999 50-inch LCD HDTV; Networked Audio Replacing TVs & Notebooks in Sales

Audio News for May 17, 2011

10,000 Rare Recordings for Free Download;
Met Opera Japan Tour Marred by Health Problems; Berlioz’ The Damnation of Faust Staged by Terry Gilliam; InfoComm 2011 in Orlando June 15-17; XPAND Continues as 3D Technical Partner for Cannes Film Festival

Audio News for November 23, 2010

Zenph Studios Working on New Re-Performances; XPAND Announces Call Center for All 3D Questions; Australian Retailers Coming Under Attack from U.S. Online Companies; Android Tablet Market Wobbling; Holiday Consumer Electronics Sales