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Bob Gluck and Tani Tabbal – At This Time: Duets – Ictus 

Bob Gluck and Tani Tabbal – At This Time: Duets – Ictus 

Bob Gluck and Tani Tabbal – At This Time: Duets [TrackList follows] – Ictus CD181, 49:51 [10/15/17] ****: A different kind of duet album. (Bob Gluck – Yamaha acoustic piano, Roli Seaboard Grand, Keith McMillan QueNexus, Yamaha P60, Apogee Quartet audio interface, Ableton Live & Lemur iPad interface, Madrona Labs Aalto synthesizer, Kontakt software sampler; […]

Audio News for March 24, 2017

Chuck Berry Dies – The “Father of Rock & Roll” is gone at age 90.  He was one of the first inductees into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. He combined beguiling narratives, fusing rhythm and blues with country and western to transfix the U.S.  Bill Clinton called Berry “one of the 20th Century’s […]

Audio News for November 18, 2016

China’s Newest Export is Classical Music – The China Philharmonic Orchestra (CPO) is touring New York City, LA and San Francisco. Musicians from the China National Opera House in Beijing performed in Puccini’s Turandot in the Budapest Spring Festival. At London’s Coliseum, the Shanghai Opera performed Thunderstorm, a newly-adapted Western-style Chinese work, and the Shanghai […]

Audio News for August 2, 2016

Yamaha Adds 4K Blu-ray Players With Stereo SACD – The BD-S681 offers 3D playback, 4K upconversion, Wi-Fi networking, and compatibility with hi-res audio formats (in stereo). It retails for $329.95. The Aventage BD-A1060 adds a 192K/32-bit DAC, a high-purity power supply and independent circuit boards to reduce signal noise. Both players reduce disc vibration by […]

Audio News for July 12, 2016

Home Theater Turned Into Star Trek: The Next Generation – Over $1.5 million later, financier Marc Bell has turned sci-fi into reality in his home in Boca Raton FL. The home theater is patterned after the bridge on the USS Enterprise, the spaceship featured on the Star Trek: The Next Generation TV series that ran […]

Audio News for October 9, 2015

Yamaha Brings MusicCast Wireless to Many Home Products; New Yamaha Preamp Has Immersive Audio Tech; nkyo Has New Hi-Res Audio Gear; Sony Celebrates Six Awards at 2015 EISA; Russound Launches Hi-Res Audio Streaming Products

Audio News for August 14, 2015

Another Home Automation Platform; Sono Luminus to Release Three Albums Using Auro-3D; Yamaha Expands Selections of Under-TV Speaker Bases; Melco Hi-Res Music Library Now Available in U.S.

Audio News for May 26, 2015

Science Proves the ‘80s Produced the Most Homogenous Pop Music; Samsung Has a First by Including Surround Sound for Headphones in TVs; Classical News; Next Month Yamaha Launches Their Most Expensive Subwoofer

Audio News for June 6, 2014

Netflix Plan for Streaming UHD; HiFi House Liquidates; Clarion Car Electronics Launches Car Restoration Project; New Bluetooth Speakers from TDK Life on Record; Polk Launches Their First Active Speaker; Yamaha Adds Two Stereo Components

Audio New for February 21, 2014

Utah Court Puts Injunction on Aereo; CEA Urges ‘Innovation-Friendly’ Energy Policy; Denon Lanches Its First USB DAC; Yamaha Upgrades Entry-Level Soundbar; Hyper-Connected Consumers = 48% of Population

Audio News for January 17, 2014

Yamaha Adds Network Streaming to Tabletop Audio System; Harman Kardon and JBL Add Networked Audio; Many Vehicle-Specific OEM Car Stereo Upgrades; CEA Praises Supreme Court Decision About Aereo TV Case; Sony Has Media-Oriented Smartphones

Audio News for December 10, 2013

Mandela Inspired Concerts, Songs, Movies, Poems, Fiction; LA Times’ List of Top Hi-Res Download Sites; A Premium Clock Radio from Yamaha; Dell Shipping Its First UHD Monitors in Early 2014; Biopic on The Beatles’ Manager; Spotify to Compete with Pandora and iTunes by Offering Free Music; La Scala Gala Season Closes with La Traviata

Audio News for October 4, 21013

Sony Confirms “Mastered in 4K” Blu-ray Titles; Yamaha Hi-Res Desktop System; Limited Edition of Sondek LP12 Turntable; DTS and Deezer to Offer Pop Music Subscription Service; Home Audio Myths

Audio News for March 29, 2013

PlayOn Supports Redbox Instant; MartinLogan Expands Bezel-Less Speaker Designs; Communications Biggies Don’t Care About Coming Quake; Yamaha Adds Mobile HD Link to Receiver-Based HTiBs

Audio News for February 8, 2013

Consumers Move Away from Desktop Computers to Mobile Devices; New Paradigm Powered Soundbar; Orb Launches Upgraded Mini-amp; Subwoofer Maker SVS Launches First Fullrange Speaker; Yamaha Audio Sales Growth