The Music Treasury, 11 March 2018

The theme for this week’s show of The Music Treasury is  the Australian conductor Sir Charles Mackerras.  His works span a range of large orchestral works, opera, and the music of Gilbert and Sullivan.  Mackerras was regarded as an authority on the operas of Janáček and Mozart.  He was the conductor at several several opera houses in Australia and throughout Europe.  While he covered an expanse of musical traditions and styles, and was a particular champion of works by Janáček.

The show this week, hosted by Dr Gary Lemco, will feature works by Mahler, Handel, Haydn, Franck, Delius, and Sullivan—including the latter’s Cello Concerto, as well as works from his collaboration w Gilbert.  The Music Treasury can be heard on 11 March 2018, between 19:00 and 21:00 PDT, as well as a live streaming of the show from on the Internet.

Sir Charles Mackerras

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