The Music Treasury, 18 March 2018

by | Mar 16, 2018 | Streams and Podcasts

Ferenc Fricsay conducts Mozart!

In another release in a series of historic recordings, The Music Treasury will this week feature the Hungarian conductor Frenec Fricsay and his performances of orchestral works by Mozart.

Fricsay schooling included studies under the well known Hungarian musicians Bartok, Kodaly, von Dohnanyi, and Weiner.  In addition to the piano, he was versed on strings, brass, reeds, and percussion, and began conducting professionally when he was 16.

Although his life spanned less than five decades, he conducted significant organizations throughout the world—including symphony orchestras in Amsterdam, Buenos Aires, Paris, Boston, Houston, and San Francisco, as well as opera houses in Budapest, Vienna, Salzburg, Berlin, Munich.

In this week’s show, Fricsay will present a range of works by Mozart, including both early and later compositions, the bassoon concerto, and excerpts from The Marriage of Figaro.

The show, hosted by Gary Lemco, can be heard Sunday, 18 March, from 19:00 to 21:00, PDG.  It can also be heard through its live streamed counterpart on the ‘Net:

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