Weekly Audio News for Feb. 2, 2005

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Dorian Bankruptcy Remains Unclear – The fate of the Dorian
audiophile label is still being negotiated in U.S. Bankruptcy Court.
California-based Reference Recordings wants their label’s sale to
Dorian rescinded on the grounds that Dorian failed to pay them or
perform anything in their contract. Dorian’s troubles began shortly
after they separated from their distributor – Portland, OR.-based
Allegro Music (who came out the loser last year in a lawsuit concerning
the sale under their own name of another producer’s copy-protected

Denon Receives Approval for Hi-Res Digital Interface
– Denon Electronics’ proprietary Denon Link digital interface standard
has been approved for the transmission of SACD signals by both Sony and
Philips, developers of the SACD format. Approval of Denon Link for
DVD-Audio signals was obtained earlier from the DVD Forum, so this will
make it possible for Denon and perhaps other manufacturers to achieve
the highest quality digital audio connection between hi-res disc
players and preamps or receivers rather than being limited to the
present six-channel analog connection. Denon reports that products in
accordance with the new specification will be available in the near

Digitally Imported Radio Adds aacPlus
– Coding Technologies and Digitally Imported Radio (DI) – one of the
popular radio services on the Net – have added the MPEG-4 aacPlus codec
to their free streaming radio service to both enhance sonic quality and
reduce the bit rate required. aacPlus (also used by Apple’s iTunes
music store) delivers a four times improvement over MP3 in quality per
bit. Results can be sampled at www.di.fm and www.tuner2.com

Krell Heightens the High End
– Krell Industries has been known for introducing some of the
highest-level audio gear in the high end during its 25-year history.
Now they have hand-crafted a cost-no-object pair of perfectionist mono
preamp and basic amp. The Evolution One is a Class A 450-watt mono amp
at $45K a pair, and The Evolution Two is a Class A mono preamp with
individual 16-bit balanced resistor ladder volume controls, at $35K.

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