Windminister: Bootsmann (pair of acoustic guitarists)

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Windminister: Bootsmann – Olaf Wegener and Eberhard Klunker,
Acoustic Guitars – Windminister 4028222110020 – Stereo Hybrid SACD, 48
min. *****:

This incredible disc from a truly obscure German label
( showed up at my doorstep with no hype or fanfare
of any sorts, and the packaging is so nondescript that I really didn’t
know what to make of it at first look. The simple four-page booklet
that accompanies the disc has only a photo of the two guitarists, Olaf
Wegener and Eberhard Klunker, and text that proclaims that the disc
consists entirely of first and only takes, with no overdubbing,
editing, equalization or compression of any kind employed. The hybrid
stereo SACD was recorded and mastered totally in DSD.

The disc is very much in the same spirit as the immensely popular
“Friday Night In San Francisco” discs from a few years back, but
without quite so much of the heavy Flamenco influences in evidence on
those discs. One listen to the opening track, Bootsmann, had me hooked
– the tune starts out with relatively simple interplay between the two
guitarists (Wegener on the left and Klunker on the right). It
accelerates midway through to become a full-blown tour-de-force of
intricate finger-picking and harmonic and stylistic changes – I was
totally blown away by what I was hearing! These guys can flat out play,
and not unlike the late, great Michael Hedges, use their guitars to
create sounds that easily made me hit the rewind button repeatedly for
another listen – it’s hard to believe that some of the music made here
is coming only from two guitars!

Although a stereo-only hybrid SACD, the disc is in every way
demonstration quality, and the superb recording captures much of the
intimacy and ambience of the performance venue. This one is definitely
a keeper, and very highly recommended!!

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