9/11 Explosive Evidence – Experts Speak Out, Final Edition (2012)

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9/11 Explosive Evidence – Experts Speak Out, Final Edition (2012)
50 whistle-blowing experts’ opinions on the destruction of the three WTC skyscrapers
Studio: Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth (2 DVDs)
Video: 16:9 color
Audio: PCM stereo
Extras: Ed Asner-hosted 15 min. doc.: “Solving the Mystery of WTC 7,” Trailer, 2nd DVD: “Meet the Experts” – additional statements from the 50 experts
Length: 95 minutes + extras
Rating: *****
The Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth have been active for a long time, and this summer is the world premiere of their long-awaited documentary, which is available in several different forms: This double-DVD package, free showings at many public libraries, several clips on YouTube, a complete showing by a Colorado PBS TV station last week, and free online here for the complete 95 minute video.
1705 architects and engineers to date have signed the petition that the facts have not been offered to the public about the destruction of the three WTC buildings, and this documentary has an advantage over several others available questioning 9/11 in that these many experts all agree as to what is wrong with the official explanation and demand a new impartial investigation.
The shock of 9/11 left Americans reeling. These questions brought up by experts re-examining the WTC skyscrapers’ destruction may seem daunting, but we must have the courage to consider them, even though they may challenge some of our world views. Some lump together 9/11 questioners with the flat earthers, the Holocaust deniers, the global-warming deniers, and various conspiracy theories. But this matter is way beyond a conspiracy theory.
The statements by the 50 experts are organized into those in architecture, engineering, physics, chemistry, controlled demolition, explosives, metallurgy, fire fighting and fire protection, and psychology. The last category is an especially thoughtful inclusion. Every aspect of 9/11 has been fraught with great psychological difficulty, and now this reexamination seems to be the last straw. It’s a very difficult subject to look into again. There is a huge cloud around 9/11 issues, but the documentary makes it clear, without rants, that there are clearly many unanswered questions.
Just one, for example: when they were originally watching the planes strike the two WTC towers, not a single experienced architect or engineer had the slightest thought that that the towers would collapse, plus at near free-fall speed straight down into a small pile only a couple stories high. No steel skyscrapers have ever collapsed due to fire! (The jet fuel all burned in a few minutes.) Also, experienced fire fighters revealed that they would never enter a building that was in danger of collapsing on them, and they thought the towers wouldn’t.
The Ed Asner short concentrates on the third WTC building, which many people don’t even know was also destroyed. It went down exactly the same way as the first two towers, an hour later, although no plane had touched it! The “Meet the Experts” second DVD goes into great and sometimes boring detail about the backgrounds of the 50 experts and some of their insights. They are out-takes from the documentary, but some get into areas not mentioned in the main production. There are also three large cards enclosed, printed on both sides, with some of the basic points. You’ll learn about controlled demolition, molten steel, microspheres, Thermite, explosions and other evidence. Many of these experts have conflicting interests, yet they all agree on the disconnect between the official story, common sense and the scientific method.
One of the psychologists says that we’re living in a society today that is rebelling against science. And another urges viewers to not give in to fear, but to have the courage to consider the points brought up in this DVD.
—John Sunier

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