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A special preview of an upcoming 50th anniversary Dark Side Of The Moon boxed set.

Pink Floyd – Dark Side Of The Moon/Dolby Atmos Blu-ray Pink Floyd Records 2023, 42:59 *****:

(David Gilmour – guitar, vocals, VCS3; Nick Mason – percussion, tape effects; Roger Waters – bass, vocals, tape effects, VCS3; Richard Wright – piano, keyboards, vocals,  VCS3; Dick Parry – saxophones; Clare Torry – vocals; Doris Troy – backing vocals; Leslie Duncan – backing vocals; Liza Strike – backing vocals; Barry St. John – backing vocals)

Pink Floyd’s rock opus Dark Side Of The Moon is celebrating its 50th anniversary. In 1973, this album defied the music business and established the band as the most popular artists in the world. While embracing their audio (synthesizers, loops, tape effects) and visual gravitas (the stunning pyramid-prism cover), it captured the moody creativity of the quartet, with a more structured compositional approach. With a unique non-pop approach, DSOTM shot its way to the top of the Billboard charts. Regular touring enhanced the reputation of this iconic recording and the group. There have been several re-mastered versions that have garnered critical acclaim. Pink Floyd Records has released a stunning 50th anniversary boxed set that adds to this legacy.

Pink Floyd Dark Side Of The Moon Box CD One of the certain highlights is a Blu-ray disc that includes a state-of-the-art Dolby Atmos mix (in addition to a 24-bit/192 kh stereo and DTS-MA stereo version). All of the mixes are top notch (James Guthrie/Joel Plante), but the Dolby Atmos mix is exceptional. (Note: the Dolby Atmos mix is only available as part of the larger boxed set). From the “beating” heart of the intro, the listener can hear the depth and sound immersion of Pink Floyd’s game-changing album. The enhanced surround mix is dynamic. “Breathe” incorporates the lush synthesizers and guitar into a directional vibrancy . It feels like the music emanates from a variety of locations, not just from the front and rear speakers. Clare Torry’s powerful vocals reverberateon “The Great Gig In The Sky”. The dynamic expanded sound is electrifying on “Money” as Dick Parry lends a soulful sax. The catchy tempo break and subsequent iconic guitar solo never sounded better. “Us And Them” is rich and atmospheric, and when the band injects  harder rock crescendos, they are magnified by this sound mix. Again shifting tone, “Brain Damage” is whimsical and framed by synthesizers. It leads into the more intense blues/rock finale, “Eclipse”. Pink Floyd managed to appeal to a wide array of music fans, and Dark Side Of The Moon is as highly regarded as Sgt. Pepper and Pet Sounds.

Speak To Me;
Breathe (In The Air);
On The Run;
The Great Gig In The Sky;
Us And Them;
Any Colour You Like;
Brain Damage;

Pink Floyd – The Dark Side Of The Moon – Live At Wembley 1974 Pink Floyd Records PFR50LP2/Legacy Records 180-gram stereo vinyl + re-mastered CD, ****: 

(David Gilmour – guitars, organ vocals; Roger Waters – bass, vocals; Richard Wright – keyboards, vocals; Nick Mason – drums; Dick Parry – saxophones; Vanetta Fields – backing vocals; Carlena Williams – backing vocals)

Pink Floyd Dark Side Of The Moon VinylAnother significant part of the 50th anniversary DSOTM set is a re-mastered stereo vinyl and CD os a live 1974 concert at Wembley. Anyone who has seen Pink Floyd in concert is aware of their massive equipment and unique ability to reproduce studio-level audio…live! As the opening intro “Speak To Me” unfolds, the crisp details of the taped effects and electronics are evident. The swirling aural textures have a fuller sound, and are countered by Gilmour’s jagged guitar. His bluesy inflection is palpable. The sound effect-driven tracks (“On The Run”) are faithful to the studio versions. “Time” is the perfect blend of instrumentals, vocals and grooves. Gilmour’s vocals are gritty. Staying closer to the original, “Great Gig In The Sky” exudes the airy resonance and leads into the wailing vocalese. While this performance diverges with with the customary “extended” Pink Floyd jams, small touches like vocal harmony and Wright’s piano feel spontaneous. Side two kicks off with the “hit” single “Money”. The funky groove is hypnotic and the band is rocking out. Dick Parry’s soulful work on the saxophone adds texture to the number, and Gilmour’s inspired solo is still memorable. The album boasts some of Waters” most clever observations (“Hanging on in quiet desperation is the English way…”). Waters’ takes lead vocals on the final two songs (“Brain Damage”, “Eclipse”), that bring this “concept” project to a rousing close.

Dark Side Of The Moon remains an essential touchstone of rock music. Fans of Pink Floyd will appreciate the expanded 50th anniversary boxed set.   

Side One: Speak To Me; Breathe (In The Air); On The Run; Time; The Great Gig In The Sky
Side Two: Money; Us And Them; Any Colour You Like; Brain Damage; Eclipse.  

—Robbie Gerson

More Information Available Here:  The Dark Side Of The Moon 50th

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