Artur Schnabel: Beethoven Birthday Salute!

by | Dec 15, 2017 | Streams and Podcasts

Streams and Podcasts for 17 December 2017

Artur Schnabel: Beethoven Birthday Salute!

That all so distinguished pianist Artur Schnabel will be featured on this week’s show of The Music Treasury, broadcast on Sunday evenings in the Bay Area, as well as streaming on the ‘Net.

While an exceptional pianist renowned for his performances of composers from Bach through Brahms, he is particularly noted for his attention to the works of Beethoven.  For a time in the 1900s, Beethoven’s Piano Sonatas were fading from public attention; Schnabel championed them tirelessly, becoming the first artist to record the entire cycle of the sonatas.

The show will feature exclusively works of Beethoven, ranging from some of his earliest to some of his latest… sonatas, fantasias, capriccios, as well as one duet —his final Violin Sonata, performed with Joseph Szigeti.

Dr Gary Lemco hosts the show, which can be heard on 17 December, 2017—not so coincidentally, Beethoven’s Baptismal Day (the day after his birthday)!  It is aired as a radio show at KZSU from Stanford between 19:00 and 21:00 PST, as well a streaming broadcast in parallel through

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