Audio News for November 20, 2015

by | Nov 20, 2015 | Audio News

Control4 Distributes Audio – ShairBridge is the new software-based implementation of AirPlay, which allows AirPlay-enabled devices to stream audio directly to a Control4 system. Up to 20 separate devices can be added to a project, and ShairBridge can be set up to automatically turn on a zone or zone group when audio is streamed to an AirPlay endpoint. Customers thus have the control and flexibility to easily use their smart home exactly how they want for any occasion. The integrator can also supply a whole-home distributed audio system to clients without the need for additional hardware. The Control4 HC-800 becomes the main controller, reducing the need for an Apple TV or another AirPlay endpoint in each room.

Sonos Offers App to Adjust Sound on Various Speakers – This is not the first software release to allow adjusment of existing speakers, but it is free. Working only with Sonos speakers, Trueplay allows placing speakers anywhere in the house and still getting great sound. It works in conjection with the mic on an iPhone or iPad and adjusts the sound based on anywhere are speaker is located. The software is designed for ease of use and it is claimed that no mater how you tune it, you’ll always get the best result.

New Feature Allows Creating, Remaking and Remixing Audio on Short Videos – Vine is a six-second-long video clip sharing service and can appear on Facebook and Twitter, and is the most-used video sharing app on the market. Now it sports a remix tool to allow you to create new audio for your footage – you just select “Make an audio remix.” A musical note when browsing videos indicates which ones as remixes. You can also search for a clip based on the song it uses. It is available for iOS now.

Controlling Things With Your Mind? – New technology is already approved by the FDA for use in artificial limbs and Jedi-style mind control may soon by within the grasp of anyone. Open BCI is a collective of engineers and artists which has created affordable open source hardware allowing everyone to experiment with the creation of an interface between their brain and a computer. It can let you control and street a toy robotic spider using only your mind. A co-founder of Open BCI says, “It’s really awesome to see people witnessing their own brain activity for the first time.”

New Apple TV – has been greatly enhanced. It looks about the same – an almost-square black box. It has Ethernet, HDMI, digital audio and lightning ports plus a lightning cable to chage the remote. There is a USB-C port but no microSD slots. With 32GB storage it is $149 and with 64GB $199. A new tvOS operating system is more colorful and visually appealing. It can get all the settings it needs from just being placed next to one’s iPhone or iPad. Resolution is 1080p and it has integrated iTunes, Netflix, Hulu, HBO and Showtime, plus there are apps for many other services.

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