Audio News for August 30, 2011

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CEDIA Expo-USA Sept. 7 thru 11 – The annual convention of the Custom Electronic Design and Installation Association takes place the 7th thru 10th of next month at the Indianapolis Convention Center.  Over 20,000 visitors are expected for the show which brings together companies and technologies for audio, video, lighting, home networking, software, hardware, environmental controls, automation, system integration, security, and everything integrating home systems for on-demand, connected living.  Exhibitors will show a variety of electronic systems for the home—typically media rooms, single or multi-room entertainment systems, home automation and communication systems, plus integrated whole-house subsystems which provide control of lighting, security and HVAC systems.
Paradigm Readies their Value Series for CEDIA – Speaker maker Paradigm will show a complete redesigned Cinema series which uses technology from the firm’s Reference series. The smallish speakers have curved and sculpted acoustic-suspension cabinets with high-gloss finish. They have a $999 5.1 speaker package, a $349 subwoofer, and 2 ½-way speakers at up to $549 each.  The top-of-line Cinema Trio is a three-in-one speaker delivering three front two-way channels via three 1-inch tweeters and four 4-inch bass/mid drivers. The tweeter technology delivers wide and spacious dispersion while protecting the tweeter domes. The cones of the bass-midrange units have had mineral content added to stiffen them. All but the Dinema 100 feature removable self-aligning magnetic grilles.
Parasound Debuts Zphono-USB Preamp – Parasound’s Zphono-USB is a premium phono preamp with an A-D converter to translate vinyl LPs to digital audio via USB on your computer. RIAA EQ defeat capability on the USB output enables users to apply more precise software-based EQ in their selected recording software. The unit also has two pairs of line level inputs, and is part of the firm’s half-rack-width components. There are inputs for MC or MM phono cartridges, and real-panel settings for the user to select the ideal impedance to match their cartridge. Front-panel rumble-filter and mono/stereo switches are also available. High-quality parts and precise RIAA EQ achieve low levels of noise and distorition, and accurate frequency response. The Zphono-USB will be available next month at $350 SRP.
Steve Jobs Resigns – Apple’s board of directors has announced the resignation of Steve Jobs, as well as that his replacement will be Tim Cook, who was previously COO. His resignation is said to have to do with his health.
Procella Readies LCR Speaker and Subwoofer for CEDIA – Procella Audio will launch its P610 biamplified full-range LCR speaker and a new P10Si room-balancing subwoofer.  Each P610 is designed for rooms up to 30 feet deep, and has a shallow depth of 5.9 inches, by 27.6” tall and 21.3” wide. It is said to produce THX cinema reference-level playback levels continuous in all but the largest screening rooms and home theaters, and delivers response down to 40Hz. One or more P10Si subwoofers can be used together with Procella P18, P15 or P10 subwoofers to smooth out low-frequency modes in a room, reducing seat-to-seat variances in low-frequency response and providing more consistent bass response thruout a room.  SRP of the P610 is $3199, with $1495 for the P10Si sub.

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