Audio News for December 14, 2010

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Top Ten Tech Trends to Watch in 2011 – Top IT executives participated in the second annual study of the top trends in technology to watch next year, under the auspices of Logicalis, an international provider of integrated information and communications technology.  The top ten, in no particular order: Cloud computing, Human Resource issues, Time management, Company direction, IT Security, Software management, Social media, Mobile technology, Network & system maintenance, Jobs and career-related concerns.

Netgear Moves Into TV Market – Netgear, makers of wireless routers and power over Ethernet adapters, is set to move into the TV market in an effort to boost their revenues. They have announced some new products, including a 3D HD wireless home theater networking kit that streams 1080p HD video thruout the home, even over long distances, using hubs to boost the signal.  A representative said, “A lot of new Internet-connected televisions have an Ethernet port in the back, and we want to offer products that can help consumers stream very high bandwidth content wirelessly, without having to plug in cumbersome wires and drag them thruout their homes.”  The company hopes to push the boundaries of the next generation of TVs coming into homes.

CNET HDTV Picture-Settings Forum – CNET now has a special resource to help make your HDTV look its best. You will find the picture settings that their editors use to calibrate HDTVs for reviews. You can try settings that members have posted if you have a similar TV. The URL is:   CNET’s Home Audio & Video Forum is also a good source for finding help, troubleshooting or getting buying advice from a community of experts. Take your AV-related questions and topics there:

Some 3D Blu-rays of Avatar Are Sellling for $350! – We know that Avatar has been the No. 1 3D film so far and its appearance on Blu-ray in 3D has greatly anticipated by many, but who knew that there was such a push to get it that some sellers are asking for up to $350 for a copy of it?  Panasonic is offering a deal whereby with purchase of their 3D TVs you can get a copy of Avatar, but evidently not immediately.  If you can to show off your new 3D HDTV this holiday period with it, the outrageous price may be the only way you can do it.

Vizio and Onlive To Begin Streaming Video Services – Netflix’s streaming movie service is appearing on all sorts of TVs, Blu-ray players and other home theater gear, so other companies want to offer their versions of streaming as well. OnLive has been offering a streaming service for video games, so they’re now moving into streaming movies as well. TV display-maker Vizio – who sells more TVs in the U.S. than any other maker – is also working on a streaming movie subscription service. Both should be officially announced in January sometime.

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