Audio News for December 18, 2009

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LG 23-inch Full HD 3D TV – LG plans to launch a new 23-inch 3D LCD panel with full HD resolution which allows users to switch back and forth between 2D and 3D modes. It uses the shutter glasses, a “high performance 3D exclusive controller,” and a “copper bus line” to process more than twice the image data of other HD 3D LCDs, and to improve resolution and image quality. Full HD 3D is being used in some video games, movies and animations, but 3D display products for the home with full HD resolution were so far unavailable. The company’s panel is expected to help boost the development of hi-res 3D contents while giving users true-to-life 3D images. But it was also admitted that there is so far almost no full HD 3D content to view on the sets. Korea Communications Commission has announced plans to begin a trial service of the world’s first full HD 3D terrestrial telecasting in the second half of 2010, and trial satellite 3D broadcasts have also been announced for Japan and the UK.

Amazon Blu-ray Bargains – Amazon is running a number of recent Blu-ray releases at under $20: Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince = $16; Terminator: Salvation = $16; Star Trek (new feature)  = $20; Up = $20; there is also a special $10 Blu-ray promotion at Amazon.

Panasonic to Invest in “Green Home” Plan
– The world’s largest maker of power-hungry plasma TV displays will invest $1 billion by 2012 in making its principal business equipping homes and buildings with solar power and energy-saving technologies. This is tied in with Panasonic’s recent purchase of Sanyo Electric Co.  The Japanese manufacturer is shifting focus as growth slows in its main consumer electronics and appliances businesses, where it competes against Samsung. The move also coincides with a worldwide move toward more energy-efficient technologies, part of the discussions now going on at the Copenhagen conference of 190 countries. Panasonic’s new technology will let consumers monitor their electricity use and display the data on their TV screen. The system will connect and monitor all appliances in a house, and solar panels may produce enough clean power to offset any carbon dioxide created in producing the power the appliances use. Panasonic’s president said consumers can achieve energy savings of 30% to 50% with the new technology. Most of Panasonic’s 42-inch plasma HDTVs consume at least 173 watts, while comparable LCD HDTVs used 146 watts.

Handheld Display Market Cooking
– Time Inc. has come up with a digital tablet magazine concept they would like to popularize, and they’re not the only ones. The suggested new devices would be more interactive and convenient than anything now available. Time feels users would find the new digital magazine more attractive than what is now available on mobile devices. Would you pay $500 for a 10-inch touch-screen tablet device that lets you swipe thru color pictures and read text and watch videos?  It would let you subscribe to dozens of magazines and carry them around with you, updating wirelessly.  Of course you would also be charged something for the various subscriptions. Remember Douglas Adams’ Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy?  A consortium of publishers are right now designing software for these devices which do not yet exist. It is envisioned that publications would be sold thru an online store similar to iTunes, and they could charge more for the digital ads, which are currently much cheaper than print ads.

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