Audio News for December 28, 2007

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Whole-House AV Distribution Made Easy – AV distribution thruout your home from your main audio-video home system is not something only the very wealthy can enjoy.  If you already have a versatile home theater AV receiver or preamp you can just add a home theater PC and a router and all the elements of your system will work together to distribute movies, still pictures, document files, audio and more all over your home.

Nearly all audio receivers now are multizone as regards audio signals. You can choose which of your source component signals you want to send to which rooms.  The latest advanced receivers and preamps do the same with video sources run thru them using HDMI or component connections.  Say you’re watching a film on your main HT setup and decide it’s getting late and you should watch the end of it in bed. Just push a button on the remote and transfer the program to the display in your bedroom. Another bonus with most top AV receivers/preamps is the ability to upsample legacy video signals such as from a VHS or laserdisc player.  The image improvement can rescue older videos that you haven’t looked at in years because they appeared so bad next to HDTV.

You will also need a wireless router which connects via Ethernet or wirelessly to your PC and  any components with Ethernet connections – which are appearing increasingly on gear. A home theater PC is the final ingredient you will need. An HTPC – using your main HDTV display as the monitor – can surf the web for all the video material currently becoming available, as well as podcasts and netcasting streaming radio; it can store your existing videos, stills, documents and whatever. Any other computers in your home can be plugged into the network and share the data. Now you’ll have expanded your one-location HT into an AV distribution center for your entire home.

New HD Interface Enhances Home AV Distribution
– Semiconductor firm Pulse Link has launched its CWave hi-def multimedia interface-over-coax plus wireless HDMI solutions for real-time hi-def AV distribution in the home.  HDTV video data is encoded using the JPEG2000 codec, used by movie theaters for digital cinema projection.  Since HDMI has become the preferred direct link for video, CWave can provide a “no new wires” solution – extending HDMI’s reach from existing coax cabling between rooms to wireless connecting devices within each room using the same CWave chip. Earlier HDMI is limited to single room, fixed point-to-point applications, whereas the new chip and HDMI v1.3 extends this reach over existing cabling, including splitters which allow consumers to access HD content from a video device in one room and then display it in any other room of the house.

Composer Karlheinz Stockhausen Dies – One of the most controversial composers of the 20th century passed away earlier this month. Stockhausen broke new grounds in electronic, serialized and chance music.  The visionary German composer used spatial designs in his electronic works. His most controversial statement was made during a 2001 press conference a few days after 9/11, when he said that disaster was “the biggest work of art there has ever been.”

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