Audio News for December 3, 2010

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What To Do With Old Electronics – With new electronics coming into many homes this holiday season, there is no excuse for dumping your old TVs, amps, speakers, computers in the basement or garage.  You can put them to better use by recycling and in some cases may even sell them on the Net. You’d be amazed checking eBay and Amazon for some of the really-retro items you could find there. For example, did you know there are multiple web sites and aficionados who are still collecting, buying, selling, fixing, using and enjoying both 8-track and Betamax?  There are also many specialized used AV equipment classified ad sites, and most are free.  Try – they pay for some old gadgets and will even pay shipping.

Put some thought into what you will be doing with your “legacy” stuff you no longer want around. Best Buy will accept your old stuff, though if TVs and computers are over a certain screen size there is a $10 charge – offset by a $10 gift card. Some other retailers have similar deals.  Check online if your local state, city or county has a free electronic recycling drop-off location.  If you’re getting rid of a computer or fancy copier with a hard drive in it, be sure you wipe the drive completely clean of your personal data before dropping it off. Most recyclers’ clear drives before selling them for parts, but some drop-off sites are unattended and someone could get their hands on your information before the recyclers get to it.  Best Buy suggests entirely removing the hard drive before you take your old computer in to them and then destroying it physically. They will also remove the drive for you for another $10.

LG Corporate Restructuring
– After a surprise loss in October of $165 million, LG Electronics of South Korea has announced a restructuring plan. It will focus on three priority areas: establishing a business unit-centered operating system, enhancing development of advanced technology, and accelerating innovation. Its PC mobile communications unit and car business unit will become independent units.  The home appliance and handset giant said the restructuring was a bid to weather out current challenges and accelerate future growth.

Spending on Electronics is Up – Retail sales over the Thanksgiving weekend showed in general that spending on home electronics is up. One analyst said “The numbers show that electronics are no longer perceived as a luxury, but a necessity.”  According to a Consumer Electronics Association survey, nearly six in ten shoppers picked up electronic items. At Wal-Mart, HD TVs and laptop computers were hot sellers. Other retailers mentioned smart phones, home audio, car navigation systems, game systems and gift cards for audio installations.

Sonos May Intro Wireless Home Theater Products
– One of the well-regarded makers of  wireless systems for pure audio – Sonos – may be looking into development of a home theater system including video. A job posting on the company’s website seeks “a successful, experienced home entertainment product leader to help us re-invent home theater sound for the digital age.”  There is also mention of new concepts and leading a new product creation team.

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