Audio News for December 4, 2009

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New Technology Puts Blu-ray & DVD on One Disc Universal Studios Home Entertainment is the first to announce the introduction of dual-format double-sided discs containing the Blu-ray version of a movie on one side and the standard DVD version on the other. The new “flipper” discs, as they are called, will launch on January 9, 2010 with separate packages of the three Matt Damon superspy thrillers The Bourne Identity, The Bourne Supremacy, and The Bourne Ultimatum.  The flipper discs will be ideal for anyone planning to upgrade to Blu-ray at a future date as well as current owners of both Blu-ray and DVD systems. Each side will include the usual bonus features, with the Blu-ray side offering U-Control and BC-Live in addition. This will be the first time the Bourne trilogy, one of the highest-grossing action movie franchises in history, is available individually on Blu-ray.

HDTT Introduces LP Transfers – High Definition Tape Transfers have been successfully offering a variety of classical recordings released originally on two and four-track prerecorded tapes which are past copyright protection.  They furnish them on a choice of CD-R, HQCD, 96K/24bit DVD-R or downloads, and in some cases via 192K/24bit downloads.  Now they offer their first two transfers made from classic LPs released shortly after the conversion to stereodiscs in 1958. The highest quality components are used in making the transfers to digital to preserve the utmost in the grooves of the discs. Cover art and liner notes are available in pdf file form with the downloads, and their site has separate pages for the downloads and the physical media.

Samsung Increases Capital Expenditure to $8 Billion – The Korean company looks to increase sales of their electronic goods to $145 billion in 2010 (they are hitting $116 billion this year). Samsung will be partnering with the Nine Network to launch its own Internet-delivered TV service to a new generation of Internet-enabled TVs that they will launch in the first quarter of 2010. The new content service will include upgraded widget management allowing users to access movie and TV program content from YouTube and other download services.

Installation of the Year Winner in Australia – A Sydney custom AV install firm put together a smart home that was an utter standout.  It features a 103-inch Panasonic plasma display which had to be barged in.  Four large existing apartments were opened up to become one. A vibrant minimalist living environment was the goal of the interior. The apartment entrance has biometric fingerprint locks. Stealth invisible speakers for the 5.1 surround system are installed in the ceiling, combined with a Velodyne subwoofer and Yamaha digital sound decoding to match the viewing experience. The touch of buttons on the Crestron control system takes care of not only the AV requirements but also the lighting, controls of the blinds, air-conditioning and floor heating. A Mini Mac computer allows for streaming media and a world of music is available via a Sonos digital system.

Pioneer Unveils First 12x Blu-ray Disc Writer – Pioneer’s new BDR-25, when used with a suitable PC, offers up to 12x write speeds for Blu-ray media, can put 50GB on a disc using the dual-layer format, and also provides read and write speed performance up to 16x for DVDs and 40x for CDs. Pro users can utilise the BDR-205 to rapidly test hi-def video during the authoring process, and to back up large volumes of data with ease. The unit will be available this month at $349.

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