Audio News for December 8, 2006

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Share Your New Electronics Frustrations – Consumer electronics are selling at record low prices this holiday season, and people are finding this is a great time to upgrade their home AV systems.  But when they get home, they often find that the new device is so much more complicated than what they had before, and requires such an extensive learning curve that they can barely make it work at all.  Remote controls are proliferating at an alarming rate, and even the universal remotes require an intense learning period to set up for all your present equipment. Most people have little idea what their remotes can do, or all the various features of their new HDTV, DVD player or AV receiver.  People who were never able to even set the clock display on their VHS VCR are now being hit with button-pushing extravaganzas that test their fortitude. ABC News would like to know your story about confronting the new electronic gadgets. You may even be included in one of their TV reports. Go to  to share your story.

Conductive Speakers – Loudspeaker transducers which affix to walls or ceilings have been around for many years. So have “butt-shaker” transducers to fasten to seating for the very lowest frequencies, down into vibrations more felt than heard. But now at least one firm is offering full range conductive speakers which use surfaces such as drywall, glass or even concrete to conduct and distribute sound. Their frequency range is said to be from 70Hz to 15kHz, with the range below 70Hz handled by normal speaker enclosures.  The transducers can be mounted inside the walls to be completely hidden and without having to alter a room’s design. The company is Induction Dynamics and their web site is

Heifetz Box 45rpm Vinyl Boxed Set
– Classic Records has introduced the ultimate holiday gift set for the vinyl-centered audiophile: 33 single-sided 12-inch 45rpm stereo discs of the nine Jascha Heifetz RCA Living Stereo albums which Classic had previously reissued in 33rpm form. They come in a deluxe road case, and include the famous violin concertos by Brahms, Beethoven, Tchaikovsky, Prokofieff, Sibelius, Mozart and others. Each disc is a heavy 200 gram Quiex SV-P vinyl pressing, one side only for total freedom from groove echo and resonance and a better interface with the platter. In AudAud comparisons of previous Classic 45rpm reissues (180g, recorded both sides) with standard LP, standard CD, 33rpm reissue and even prerecorded open reel tape, the 45rpm format always came out on top. But be prepared to get up and change discs every eight minutes or so. Price of the new Heifetz Box Set is $600.

Thiel Audio Celebrates 30th Anniversary – One of the leading high end loudspeaker makers will be observing its 30th Anniversary next month.  Founder Jim Thiel began in his garage back in 1976 and over the past three decades has grown into one of the premier suppliers of high performance speakers and audio components. Today 15 models of Thiel speakers are shipped to over 30 countries from a 35,000 square foot facility in Lexington, KY.  Jim Thiel’s research pioneered principles of time and phase-coherent speakers, and he has three related patents in the area of subwoofer products.

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