Audio News for June 26, 2009

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Michael Jackson Dead at 50 – Pop superstar Michael Jackson suffered cardiac arrest yesterday and died at UCLA Medical Center. The important 20th century musical figure was considered by many the King of Pop. The child star from the Jackson 5 became the brightest star of American pop music.  His 13-minute music video for Thriller was a unique and  epic pop event. The Thriller album sold more than any other single record in recorded music history. By the 90s his childish demeanor and constant plastic surgeries made him a recluse at a Santa Barbara ranch. He had legal challenges concerning accusations of child abuse and lost control of the publishing rights of the early Beatles music. He was scheduled to revive his music career with a series of concerts in London starting July 8.

HDtracks Offers Downloads of Complete Mahler Symphonies
– One of the leading hi-res music downloading sites,, has announced the release of the New York Philharmonic’s live concert recordings of the complete Mahler Symphonies, conducted by the departing music director Lorin Maasel. Nos. 1 to 5 are available now, sold individually, the rest will be released on July 7, except for No. 8 “Symphony of a Thousand,” which will be available August 25. The New York Philharmonic, founded in 1842, is the oldest symphony orchestra in the U.S. and one of the oldest in the world. It began radio broadcasts in 1922, and in 2003 was the first orchestra ever to perform live on the Grammy Awards. Since 1917 the Philharmonic has made nearly 2000 recordings, and this year is starting its own record label with the release of The Complete Mahler Symphonies, Live. Visit

Contrasts of Consumer Electronics Between India and China – The emerging economies of India and China offer the best consumer electronics markets in the world. Middle class citizens in the two most-populated regions have gone nuts on trendy electronics of the portable type as well as in the home. The LCD display market in both countries is growing at double-digit rates even during this recession. The top brands sold are quite different: In India it’s Samsung, Sony and LG, but in China local consumer electronics makers Hisense, Skyworth, TCL and Konka are the top four. The Chinese government offers subsidies to domestic home appliance companies, which has resulted in the market for 32-inch TVs, for example, nearly doubling this year compared to last.  In India the local brands were not fast enough releasing LCD TVs and trying to make up for lost time moving from CRTs to LCD panels now. Japanese companies have the edge over their counterparts in India in understanding the display technology and having local Japanese LCD panel suppliers. But India can find both technology and cost advantages sourcing their components and semiconductors from Taiwan.

Resellers of Leftover DVDs & CDs
– The Kugler brothers run Distribution Video and Audio, which specializes in less-than-popular DVDs, CDs, video games, movie promotional items and even books. They had $20 million revenue last year, counting on people unhappy with the costs of going to view a dud at their local multiplex and saying to themselves “I could have stayed home and watched a bad movie.” They sell their wares at discount retailers, cruise ships, libraries and gift shops, and they also have some 3000 middlemen reselling their movies on the Internet. Someone wondered what DVA will do when everything goes to non-physical downloads.  The thought is that they are banking on “people who are technology-shy.” The movie paraphernalia includes things like key chains, posters and coffee mugs – everybody needs more of those…

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