Audio News for June 3, 2011

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SRS Labs Offers iWow 3D Hardware Adaptor – SRS Labs created their various iWow software options to improve computer and data-reduced sound. Now they have built the software into a handy $60 gadget erroneously called the iWow 3D Adapter (it has nothing to do with visual 3D, only audio).  The iWow adapter plus into any Apple gadgets using Apple’s 30-pin adapter – not USB. It provides dramatically cleaner, richer, more detailed sound with better bass end and more definition. You can download a free app that gives more control over the iWow, letting you adjust sound for three different listening environments: headphones, speakers or car system. You can also widen the surround effect and adjust bass and treble.

VRM Box Lets Recordists Hear Mixes via Ten Different Playback Systems
– Focusrite aims to help both home recordists and mobile mixers on a budget to hear their music as it would sound played back on ten different virtual reference monitors (VRM), ranging from tiny low-end computer speakers to the small speakers in flat-screen TVs, to incredibly expensive monitors found in high-end studios around the world. They can also choose from three different environments in which to do their listening: living room, bedroom, professional studio. The VRM Box is a small device only 2.7 inches wide which connects to a Mac and is self-powered by USB 2.0.  It also has a S/PDIF port and ¼-inch connector for headphones and a circular volume knob. Focusrite recommends high quality stereo headphones for use with the Box., which should help recordists to prepare their mixes so that they sound good in a wide variety of playback situations. Cost is $100.

Comcast Offers IT Support and Insurance Service – Comcast is rolling out in the Boston region its new Xfinity Signature Support Service to help consumers deal with problems with their home electronics of all types. For subscriptions that range from $5 to $20 a month, customers can get a customer support to fix some problems on the phone, or in-home support for fixes that can’t be done remotely. Comcast is working with on the remote services and with Asurion to handle in-home visits. Extended warranties are also available at $8 a month for a computer and $10 for a flat screen TV.

New Technology Expands Wireless Audio Connectivity
– The KleerNet uncompressed digital wireless audio technology expands wireless audio connectivity and interoperability in PC, table, home theater and gaming applications. SMSC stands for Smart Mixed-Signal Connectivity, and the Taiwanese company is focused on delivering connectivity solutions enabling the proliferation of data in personal computers, portable consumer devices, autos, and other applications.  KleerNet allows consumers to instantly connect KleerNet-enabled devices of various brands with need of special hardware or software drivers. This allows users to enjoy low power, high-quality WH wireless audio technology that is simple and easy to use over many different home or portable entertainment systems. KleerNet is used in Monster Cable’s StreamCast wireless audio ECO system, achieving best-in-class audio quality while streaming audio to multiple zones in the home.

Samsung Takes Lead in U.S. Plasma
Market – Samsung Electronics America is now the top-selling brand in plasma TVs in the U.S. market, with 41.3% of all plasma TVs sold in the first four months of this being Samsung brand.  The company offers 19 different plasma TV models across eight product series.  This year Samsung began offering built-in 3D capabilities in more plasma and LED TVs in many screen sizes.

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