Audio News for June 7, 2011

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3DTV Shipments Up 352% – According to new figures released by Quixel Market Research in Portland, OR, approximately 586,000 3D TVs were shipped to U.S. dealers during the first quarter of this year, up 352% from the same period last year. But it should be considered that last year’s numbers reflect the fact that products supporting the new Blu-ray 3D spec standard were not introduced until March of that year.  More than 60% of the makers of sets measuring 40 inches or more now offer 3D models, and the forecast for 2011 is a total of more than 6.2 million 3DTV shipments, including LCD, plasma and front and rear projection displays. Forecasts for upcoming years show 10.3 million 3DTVs in 2012, rising to 18.6 million for 2014. The passive glasses 3D technology accounted for only 5% of industry 3DTV shipments during the first quarter of this year, but is forecast to represent 18% by the end of the year. Vizio, LG and Toshiba are among the brands to have announced their support for the passive glasses, which only deliver half the resolution of 1080p HD 3D sets using active-shutter glasses.  Sales of plasma 3D displays for the first quarter of 2011 were up nearly 3000% and sales of LCD 3D displays rose 851%.

New Samsung Streaming 3D Service
– Samsung has announced that it is launching this month a fulfillment engineer for streaming 3D video on demand content over its connected 3D TVs. The idea is to bring 3D video to the public over alternatives to the traditional multichannel video platforms. It extends the streaming 3D HDTV demos which have been offered owners of connected Samsung 3DTVs.  free demo material will continue to be offered, along with full length 3D feature films later in the year. The streamed content will be offered in side-by-side, frame-compatible format, but resolution and frame rates are still to be announced. (They cannot be as high resolution as 3D on Blu-ray, however.)  The app is called Explore 3D and will ship on the brand’s LED, LCD and 3D plasma TVs, being accessible with one click from the SmartHub interface. The service will also include 3D music videos and educational content. The new service will be similar to VUDU’s streaming 3D HD movie offerings which started in January and currently offers more than 35 3D movies. VUDU’s 3D content is also available on select Samsung 3D TVs, as well as models from Vizio, Sharp and LG, plus the PlayStation 3 console.  Turner Studios is also preparing to launch a streaming service platform for 3D versions of some of its library films later this year.

Electronics a Part of Today’s Auto Business
– Electronics continue to be a major part of the differentiation of one brand of car from another in the marketplace. Semiconductor suppliers have rolled out integrated circuits and discrete components to power reach load as well as the circuitry that controls it. Some of the simplest discrete devices provide the greatest potential to reduce fuel consumption and increase vehicle range.  The new Lexus IS 250C, for example, has 15 electric motors to raise and lower the three-piece hard top in the convertible model, electric power steering a hard-disk drive navigation system, a premium 270-watt surround sound audio system and much more electronics. Sales of power semiconductors are increasing at a compounded average annual growth rate of 9.4%. The addition of greater electronic control has placed constraints on power consumption. The ever-increasing amount of electronic features in new cars means that the demands on the vehicle’s EE network are becoming greater than ever.

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