Audio News for March 17, 2007

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Blu-ray, HD DVD & Vista Reportedly Hacked Already – Reuters News has reported that a hacker named Muslix64 has broken the computer code rendering AACS (Advanced Access Content System) useless.  This is the DRM (Digital Rights Management) encryption algorithm which protects both new battling hi-def formats, Blu-ray and HD DVD from copying.  The malicious code and a video showing how to use it have been available on the Net for some time already. A spokesperson for one of the AACS-compliant media companies said their company is aware of the problem and is looking into it. This news has surely put a crimp in the DRM/region-encoding thinking of the big movie studios.

At the same time, someone held a demonstration at the January CES in Las Vegas, of hacking the beta version of Microsoft’s new Vista operating system. A special tool is now posted on the Net which apparently can crack Vista’s activation process by applying “brute force” and lots of time to come up with valid product keys, thereby circumventing one of Microsoft’s most important antipiracy methods. Microsoft, of course, proclaims in its ballyhoo of Vista that it is hack proof…

World’s First Digital Wireless Home Theater System Claimed – Neosonik – a leading developer of wireless technology – says its new system can wirelessly transmit not just to the surround speakers but to all six channels of a HT audio system, plus the video display itself. Hi-def signals are transmitted to a small device which plugs into the HDMI input on any digital TV to make it wireless. All audio channels are synchronized to make them indistinguishable from wired connections, and Neosonik states that its system is actually superior to wired since it is entirely digital and driven by proprietary DSP loudspeakers with digital amplification. All analog components found in conventional HT products which can cause degradation of the audio and video signals are eliminated. The signals are transmitted without any compression. A company spokesman said “Too often, with a change in audio technology, customers have been forced to trade performance for convenience. This time both convenience and performance improve simultaneously.”  A recent CEA survey found that with sales of the majority of HTiB (Home Theater in a Box) systems, the surround speakers are never hooked up because people don’t want to hassle with running wires to the back of their room.  Wireless video will also eliminate the involving wiring installation for cieling-mounted projectors, which is regarded as one of the main barriers inhibiting projector sales. The system can transmit to distances greater than 200 feet and even thru walls, so it has the potential to serve multiple rooms thruout a home. It operates in the 5GHz frequency band but is said to be an improvement over standard Wi-Fi.

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