Audio News for March 18, 2016

by | Mar 18, 2016 | Audio News

UK Audio Company Pure has Three All-In-One Music Systems – They have the compact C-D4 (with a single mono speaker & room EQ settings), mid-level stereo C-D6, and the flagship C-F6 – which includes Internet and FM radio, Bluetooth and CD playback. The flagship unit also has Spotify Connect and a large color display. It is £350. Has Feature on a $200 Home Theater – They claim you can turn any room in your home into a DIY Home Movie Theater for under $200. They recommend the Favi projector, which projects up to 120 inches diagonally and has LED bulbs that last up to 14 years with low operating costs. It pairs well with Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Roku or Chromecast. They also suggest DIY screen material which can be under $40 with free shipping.

Stewart Filmscreen Introduces Acoustically Transparent Material – Called Harmony, the new material was demonstrated at an Amsterdam show as part of a 16-foot-wide VistaScope Jumbo projection setup together with a multi-brand 21-channel Dolby Atmos-enhanced dedicated home theater. It has only a one-dB impact on hi-freq. response above 10kHz. It is packaged with a black acoustically transparent back screen to eliminate interference from reflected light passing thru the screen material. That screen impacts hi-freq. response up to two dB.

Wireless and Hi-Res Audio Grabs Market Share – According to the latest forecast from SAR Insight & Consulting, more than 110 million wireless speakers and AV equipment are expected to ship worldwide this year, with strong growth thru 2010 and beyond. Almost 100 million wireless home audio devices will use Bluetooth this year. Wi-Fi is seeing rapid adoption as the multi-room audio market grows. It enables multiple channels, long distances of transmission, more robust connections, and higher resolution audio streaming. The advent of Google Cast is seen as a major shakeup. The next major inflection point will be hi-res audio. By 2020 almost 25% of all streaming music subscriptions are expected to be lossless. It is part of a continued drive towards improving audio source material, the technologies used to access it, and the equipment used to play it on.

Nielsen Company’s Year-End Report on Music – shows radio still reaching more Americans than any other platform or device, used by 93% of adult consumers each week. TV got 87%, smartphones 71%, computers 54%, devices connected to TVs 40% and tablets 29%. Nearly 12 million vinyl LPs were sold last year – the tenth straight year of growth in vinyl sales.

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