Audio News for March 3. 2009

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People Won’t Give Up Their Electronics – According to an Accenture survey of 3000 U.S. citizen in November and December, people won’t give up their electronic toys no matter how bad the recession gets. 97% were unwilling to give up home access to the Internet, 92% said they wouldn’t lose their cable or satellite services and 90% said their cell phone would have to pried from their cold dead hand.  Due to the economic downturn, 56% of consumers are now less willing to pay a premium price for environmentally-friendly consumer electronics.

Watching TV and Saving Energy
– The Chicago Tribune listed five tips for living with energy-saving video components and drawing less juice: 1. The smaller the screen, the smaller the electric bill; 2. LCD is better and LED is best.  A plasma screen uses on average about twice as much energy as a liquid crystal display. And remember than nearly all TVs are shipped with the brightness and contrast set up far higher than appropriate for best picture and that takes more power too; 3. “Off” does not mean off – There is a constant energy drain when you component is in standby mode. TiVos, DVRs, and set-top boxes are some of the worst offender. Video game systems left on all the time could cost more than $100 a year in higher power bills; 4. Set up your equipment with a power strip that can be completely turned off.  The thriftiest route is an HDTV receiving only from an over-the-air antenna and plugged into a power strip; 5. Look for the Energy Star 3.0 label, not earlier, lower-efficiency versions of Energy Star.

Sony Issues Discount Coupons for Blu-ray Discs
– Sony is distributing coupon sheets via Sunday newspapers in some metro areas which price certain Blu-ray titles at a $3 discount. This is seen as an effort to counteract many households’ attempts to cut entertainment expenses thru using cheaper DVD rental services, pay VOD (video-on-demand) or the Redbox $1-a-night DVD rentals. Pay VOD, providing movies for $4 or $5 a night from operator services, is seen as a far cheaper alternative to visiting theatrical showings or actually purchasing DVDs.

Japanese Electronics Makers Suffer Economic Woes – Mitsubishi is the latest Japanese high-tech giant to reveal losses due to the global economic crisis, following on Sony, Toshiba, NEC, Hitachi and Fujitsu. Mitsubishi Electric posted a net loss of 316 million dollars for the quarter ending December 2008.

Samsung’s Super Bowl HDTV Survey – In another example of a “they spent money to learn THAT?” survey, Samsung Electronics America found that the presence of a HDTV can entice spouses to visit the in-laws if it means viewing the game in hi-def. 43% of football fans were more likely to visit their in-laws if they had a HDTV. And 81% said that the TV picture quality was more important than the food while watching football on TV.

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