Audio News for March 6, 2009

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Where the DTV Transition Stands Now – It’s a mess. The Obama administration was successful in delaying the formerly set-in-stone date of February 17 to June 12th, but a provision of the bill states that stations can go ahead with the scheduled cutover to all digital whenever they choose. The big four TV networks are doing their best to wait until June 12th to reduce confusions, but hundreds of already-prepared stations are following their original plans and have turned off their analog transmitters or will shortly.

Many people are still waiting for their DTV coupons; some can only watch a few or none of their local stations over-the-air.  Some have gotten tired of waiting for their coupons and just gone out and purchased a converter box.  Some stations have changed their digital frequencies as part of the transition, and viewers don’t realize they must re-scan all the stations in order for their box or set to tune into the new channels.  There is also a problem with many dealers not stocking enough of the boxes, or not offering models that are close to the $40 value of the coupons. If you need a converter box and still haven’t gotten yourself on the waiting list for a coupon or two, get busy.  You will probably be amazed what an enhanced picture you receive on all the channels with the converter box. Or you could just purchase one of the new HDTVs and recycle your old analog set.  It’s surprising how many new DTV channels can be received OTA with an indoor antenna in most metropolitan areas, eliminating any monthly cable or satellite bills.

Concord Records Launches “Centennial Celebration” Series – Celebrating the 100th anniversary of iconic jazz artists Lionel Hampton, Lester Young, Art Tatum and the music of Johnny Mercer, the Concord Music Group debuts a new series of albums on March 10 compiled from such legendary labels as Prestige, Riverside, Pablo and Contemporary.  The first album will be a nine-track overview of Ben Webster’s recordings, capturing the saxist in full, latter-career flower. The Hampton album is scheduled for April 12, Lester Young on August 4, Art Tatum October 6, and various artists playing Johnny Mercer’s tunes on November 3.

Dolby Laboratories Strives to Replace Anaglyph Versions of 3D Movies on Blu-ray with Polarized or Shutter Glasses – Dolby’s engineers have come up with an encoding system that will compress a current 3D film onto Blu-ray like a standard 2D film. You will need a 3D-ready display, such as those now available from Samsung and Mitsubishi, plus liquid crystal shutter glasses.  But the colors of the original film will be preserved, unlike the ruining of a theatrical film such as Polar Express by its release with only the red/green paper glasses. Work is proceeding on setting a standard for this type of 3D technology.  Hyundai have released 3D HDTVs in Japan only, and Panasonic is rumoured to release 3D sets soon.

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