Audio News for May 8, 2009

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Saving Money on New Technology – ABC News ran a feature on some solutions to the high price of consumer electronics in this recession time. Some of them were: Give second-hand a chance; Try refurbished products at bigbox stores and from manufacturers – often priced 15% to 20% lower but still with a 90-day warranty; Stay with vendor who have a vested interest in protecting their brands; Watch for “Deals of the Day” in newspaper ads and online; Use sites like to see reviews and comments from other’s who have bought a product you’re interested in; Try, a site which serves those who want to upgrade but their present model is working perfectly well; Sell or recycle your old gadget – you may find it’s worth more than you thought by checking what others are asking for the same item on eBay and in classified ads (Never mind the “What Is My Electronic Gadget Worth” web sites – I recently used one which when I entered the parameters of the computer I was selling reported it was worth only $70, yet after looking at other similar ads I sold it on Craig’s List for $225!); Consider “open-box” options, either in-store or online – Consumer Reports claims only 5% of retail returns are actually defective so your odds are good; Be sure to learn whether a sale item comes with a warranty or return option; Do your homework and be informed before purchase.

Digital Music Player Needs No Computer
– The SanDisk Sansa slotRadio comes pre-loaded with a card containing 1000 songs culled from Billboard music charts including many genres, but not classical or jazz. The player is $100 and additional cards sell for $40, but you can’t select the song you want to hear – there are no controls other than volume and forward/back – not even a pause button. It also has a built in FM radio and will be sold at Radio Shack.

New-Home Wiring Change Proposed
– Homepath Products of Essex, CT, has on their web site a white paper proposing beneficial wiring changes needed due to recent advances in spray foam insulation in the walls of new homes. The trend is for contractors to totally fill all voids with the stud cavities of external and internal walls to improve insulation. But this locks in whatever low voltage or computer wiring has been installed and prevents future changes to meet specific needs. Homepath suggests installation of a special in-wall cable pathway system (eXapath), which is a cost-effective way to make new homes readily adaptable to future wiring and broadband needs in connection with solid spray foam insulation.

Metro Challenges Best Buy for World’s No. 1 Consumer Electronics Retailer
– German corporation Metro AG, via their consumer electronics unit, Media Saturn, has announced that it hopes to overtake U.S. giant Best Buy Co. by aggressively expanding into the Chinese market.

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