Audio News for November 13, 2007

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Speaker Correction for Flat Displays – According to Consumer Electronics Association of America (CEA) research data, 40% of newly-purchased flat panel video displays will be located in secondary viewing locations such as bedrooms, dens, kitchens and game rooms. Also, 76% of flat panel TVs are being used without a separate speaker system of any kind.  If consumers have a normal surround system in their primary location, they become disappointed with the sound quality from the tiny inexpensive, underpowered speakers hidden away in the sleek flat screen displays.  Thus there is a ready market for chips incorporating DSP (Digital Signal Processing) to offer audio enhancement closer to the true home theater experience.

D2Audio Corporation is one of the providers of such chips, and their DAE-3 digital amplifier provides superior sound without adding cost to the display.  Its standard features include DeepBass, WideSound, DigitalEQ and AudioAlign – the latter elevating the sound from bottom-mounted speakers to align with the screen image. The DAE-3 delivers seamless support for third party algorithms such as SRS Labs’ WOW HD, TruSurround XT and TruSurround HD/HD4.

The Digital Living Network Alliance – The DLNA was formed in 2003 by 17 leading firms making CE, PC and mobile devices and it currently has over 240 member companies. They support an interoperable network of both wired and wireless products in the home, creating an environment for sharing new digital media and content services. They expect digital homes to contain one or more intelligent platforms which will manage and distribute digital content to displays from other devices such as digital cameras, camcorders and multimedia mobile devices.  The group has set up the DLNA Networked Device Interoperability Guidelines so that manufacturers can build compelling, interoperable digital home platforms, devices and application.  Products can become DLNA Certified after going thru rigorous testing. More than 1300 products and devices are already been so designated, including TVs, desktop and laptop PCs, audio players/receivers, digital cameras and DVD players/recorders. The program was recently expanded to include mobile devices. The idea is for customers to be able to chose devices from different manufacturers, and have them be able to talk to one another, sharing digital content as desired – without requiring complex setup and configuration for connection.  More and more new digital products are being designed to interoperate within the home, presenting challenges for custom installers, builders, architects and electricians.

Hitachi Refunding Customers Over HD Claim – Customers in Australia who bought a Hitachi 1080i plasma TV described as a superior 1080p model due to misleading advertising will receive a full refund if they contact their local store, due to complaints from consumers claiming they were misled.

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