Audio News for November 15, 2005

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Martin Logan Acquired by ShoreView – High-end speaker
manufacturer Martin Logan Ltd., makers of 14 hybrid
electrostatic/dynamic speakers and four subwoofers, has been acquired
by ShoreView Industries Inc., who also recently acquired Paradigm
Electronics Inc., a second home audio products company. ShoreView is
based in Minneapolis and invests in a wide range of middle-market
companies operating in North America.

Disney and Dolby Launch Digital 3D Movies
– A new release format
making possible true 3D digital entertainment in theaters has been
developed by Dolby Laboratories and embraced by Disney Studios, who are
converting approximately 100 high-profile theaters in 25 markets to
present the digital 3D version of the new animation feature Chicken
Little. The movie has been rendered in 3D by Industrial Light &
Magic so that it can be shown on Dolby Digital Cinema servers at the
selected theaters. The new format uses special 3D glasses which offer
greater clarity and more comfort than conventional 3D glasses. The
process allows for a richer viewing experience for moviegoers than any
existing post production techniques, and is seen as the new standard in
animated features. Evidently the process is currently limited only to
animation features.

Nielsen/DTS Survey Affirms Home Theater Growth – DTS Inc. has
published results of a study conducted with Nielsen Entertainment
Research, showing growth of both surround sound and home theater. DTS
President Jon Kirchner said “…millions of consumers are discovering
the immersive entertainment experience offered by true surround sound
and are purchasing high resolution home theater systems.”  An
online survey of 2000 adults determined that a full 75% of current home
theater households have true 5.1 channel or greater surround sound
installed, indicating its importance to the home entertainment
experience. 73% of home theater owners and 76% of surround sound owners
indicated that upgraded surround sound is the most important special
feature on DVDs. 82% cited that they “always” or at least “sometimes”
chose the audio format at the beginning of a movie (this was up 27%
from the previous year). Owners of home theaters featuring surround
sound purchase over 20% more DVDs than non-home theater owners and own
45% more DVDs. 60% of home theater owners and 63% of surround sound
owners were aware of DTS.

Physical Therapy for Your Ears – The Audiology Department at UC
San Francisco has come up with an interactive software program to help
the brain recover some of its innate abilities to filter out unwanted
sounds and improve hearing in noisy environments.  Chemical
changes in the brain can cause losses of some of the proper feedback to
the ear. The software feeds the brain exercises including rapid speech
and words spoken against another voice or in noisy situations. Users of
the program can improve listening, attention and focus skills critical
to communication. LACE (Listening and Communication Enhancement)
training is downloadable at   (So far only
for PCs but a Mac version is being developed.)

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