Audio News for November 30, 2012

by | Nov 30, 2012 | Audio News

Sony Shows 4K Ultra HD Server for 84-inch LCD TV – Sony Electronics has introduced the first 4K playback device supporting its newly-released 84-inch 4K LED LCD TV. It is a hard-disc server that connects to the TV, allowing consumers to view 4K movies and short-form 4K videos. The device will be initially “loaned” to U.S. customers purchasing the 4K LED LCD TV, to create the first true home 4K experience. It is so far the only method by which consumers can play natively-produced 4K Ultra HD content. An Xperia Table S serves as the remote control for the TV and player thru an easy-to0use app. The preloaded content on the player includes 4K versions of the following ten films: The Amazing Spiderman, Total Recall, The Karate Kid, Salt, Battle Los Angeles, The Other Guys, Bad Teacher, That’s My Boy, Taxi Driver and The Bridge on the River Kwai.
Linn Launches Digital Music Collections – Linn Records has launched five new liited edition Digital Music Collections in their Studio Master format, with a choice of FLAC of ALAC, plus CD quality and MP3 files of each album will also be provided for customers wishing to burn to a disc or listen on an iPod. After selecting and purchasing one of the five collections, the music files are pre-loaded onto a portable USB hard-drive and shipped out. The choices are: 2012 Top 50 Studio Master Collection – selected from the greatest albums of the year; All-time Top 50 Studio Master Collection – Linn’s top 50 best-selling Studio Masters; Linn Bestselling Classical Top 50 – 50 of its best-selling classical recordings, including the Berlioz Symphonie fantastique, the Bach Cello Suites, and Handel’s Messiah; Complete 2012 – 200 album release on Studio Master this year – includes songs from The Great American Songbook, folk, blues, electronics, Debussy and Nordic jazz; and The Ultimate – Over 500 albums not just from Linn’s own titles but entire catalogues from partner labels too.
Joe Smith Interviews with Music Icons at Library of Congress – Joe Smith interviewed more than 200 celebrated performers, producers and music industry leaders more than 25 years ago in an effort to document the oral history of pop music. He has donated the entire collection to the Library of Congress and the first 25 interviews are posted on their site, including revealing, unedited recordings available free to the public of such people as Tony Bennett, Paul McCartney, Ray Charles, B.B. King and Linda Rondstadt. Later an interview with Smith himself will be featured, in which he shares intimate details about his decades-long career, working with his business partner, Frank Sinatra. The Library’s recorded sound curator commented how relaxed many of the interviews are—”they’re talking to someone who’s very much a colleague and a peer and the tone is very different and the camera isn’t on them.” The artists joke, eat, drink, and candidly discuss their lives. While chain-smoking, Ono talks about the Beatles breaking up, Mick Jagger consumes tea while discussing the outlaw reputation of The Stones, and Tony Bennett talks about the legacy of two music greats over dinner.
Logitech Updates Harmony Remotes – Logitech has added the Harmony Touch to its line of universal remotes. The device allows users to add, remove or re-order up to 50 channel icons on its 2.4-inch color touchscreen. Channels, music and games can be accessed by tapping, swiping or scrolling the screen. Setup is done online. It is compatible with more than 225,000 home entertainment devices and can control up to 15 devices. SRP is $249.

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