Audio News for October 23, 2009

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CEA on Current & Future State of Consumer Electronics – The Consumer Electronics Association Industry Forum in Phoenix, AZ this week, discussed various aspects of the consumer electronics industry. The CEO of NVIDIA, a world leader in programmable graphics processing technologies, spoke about the evolution of consumer technology over past years and concluded that the Internet is today’s killer application – that the next generation of innovation will bring the Web to consumers in increasingly convenient ways. Presenters noted that discounters are gaining market share and the industry must safeguard innovation to help grow opportunities. In a session moderated by the CEA’s Chief Economist, it was agreed that it will take three years to back to where the industry was economically. There was a session titled “3-D TV: The Next Big Thing for Displays?"  Hollywood studios are expected to have several titles ready by summer of 2010.  3-D is gaining momentum but may not hit critical mass for several years.  There was a session about the industry making their products “greener.” The panel agreed that environmental education was vital to all manufacturers. Interactive TV, E-books and Netbooks, and Net social media were also subjects of discussion.

Role Audio Goes Green
– Speaking of going green, North Carolina speaker maker Role Audio has announced that they will replace all of their eight critically acclaimed small speakers with formaldehyde-free eco-friendly speakers. Formaldephyde is used in the manufacture of most plywoods and MDFs and is an allergen and carcinogen. Formaldehyde has a broad impact on health, being a major component of smog. It can release vapors into indoor air, and is a significant concern for consumers who want healthy products. Role Audios speakers will be assembled with non-toxic glues and finished water-borne coatings certified by the GTreenguard Environmental Institute. The driving principle of Role Audio has been to use the least amount of drivers, crossover parts and materials, coupled with the latest loudspeaker design technology, to deliver big-speaker performance from the smallest possible cabinet designs.

Naxos to Distribute New C Major Entertainment Label DVDs
– C Major Entertainment is launching its new DVD and Blu-ray label C Major with the repertory of Unitel Munich, with distribution by Naxos. Titles for November release include Puccini’s Turandot led by Zubin Mahra and a DVD by German baritone Herman Prey in Schubert’s Die Schone Mullerin, Schwanengaseng and Winterreise. Concert recordings by Herbert von Karajan, Karl Bohm and Leonard Bernstein, as well as by Christian Thielemann, will be available, plus DVD portraits of Andre Previn and Nicolaus Harnoncourt.

“Innovator of the Year” Award for Audio Recognition and Broadcast Monitoring Technology – The award was bestowed by the Nashville Music Awards Oct. 7 to Landmark Digital Services.  Their BlueArrow audio recognition technology was recognized as advancing music thru technological innovation. The patented pattern recognition algorithm is capable of indentifying recorded music from any audio source by matching a short sample against a massive database of audio fingerprints or signature files.  Its unsurpassed accuracy and unique ability to identify recorded music within one to two seconds – in spite of high noise, signal interference or compression – makes it particularly effective in monitoring broadcast performances of music on radio, TV or the Internet. Landmark’s extensive broadcast monitoring system continually captures and identifies recorded audio from all over the world for customers in the business of broadcast monitoring, audience measurement, and other rights management organizations.

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