Audio News for October 6, 2010

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Linn Named Record Label of the Year – At a recent Gramophone Awards Ceremony Linn Records named Record Label of the Year. Since past awards have gone to such giants as DGG and Virgin, this is a mammoth achievement for the small independent label with hi-res qualification that hails from Glasgow, Scotland. Gramophone magazine’s Editor James Jolly says “Linn is the very model of a modern record company, ensuring that the highest standards are maintained from the studio right through the company’s very impressive digital store. Shrewd A&R and matching ear-catching musicianship to appropriate repertoire, creates a sense of anticipation around every release.” After a committed 27 years of charging the industry with a higher-quality benchmark in audio production and playback, Linn looks forward to exciting times ahead.

Inexpensive Smartphone-Controlled Streaming Music Player – Orb Networks has a new music player that streams iTunes, Pandora, Internet Radio, Sirius Radio, etc. to any place in your home without a computer (if you have a home network). Users can skip around their playlists, pause, play back, and change volume. It only works with iPhone or iPod Touch and is $69.

Bose VideoWave Launched – The Bose WideoWave entertainment system was just debuted in Singapore and will soon be available in the U.S. at $7362. It integrates a home theater and music system into a 46" LCD HD display with a 100Hz refresh rate. One of the most elaborate built-in audio systems found in TVs combines six (so-called) woofers with seven speakers powered by 11 amps concealed in the 6-inch-deep bezel. A PhaseGuide sound radiator system and digital processing are said to deliver enveloping surround without rear speakers. Adaptiq automatic audio calibration compensates for room acoustics. The Bose clickpad remote controls all players, recorders, settop boxes and even iPods thru an RF link. A companion console connects up to five HD sources as well as an iPod for multimedia playback, but the system lacks a TV tuner and networking capability to support online services and streaming.

Image Entertainment Purchases Madacy Home Video – Image Entertainment, a leading independent licensee and distributor of entertainment programming, has purchased Madacy Home Video’s library of classic TV shows, horror, theatrical, special interest titles and audio. Madacy has distributed over 100 titles, including The Lucy Show, Bonanza, The John Wayne Collection, and documentaries such as Our Planet Earth and NASA – The Complete History.  Image Entertainment has approximately 3000 exclusive DVD titles and 340 exclusive CD titles in domestic release, as well as digital download rights to over 2100 video programs.

Are You Ready to Rent Music? – There are now many different pay-to-stream music options on the Internet, including Slacker, Napster, Kazaa, Rhapsody and Rdio. Most have a rate of around $10 a month, about the same as the price of an entire album. It seems made to order for people who are “on the go” with their mobile devices. The Internet provides a great way to discover new music. Then there is the new Sirius and netcasters service that even operates in vehicles if you are in an urban area and have a smartphone.  Yet subscription music has been slow to catch on. Some believe it would be more successful if it were cheaper.

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