Audio News for September 18, 2009

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Blu-ray Sales Back in Double Digits – According to Home Media Magazine, the Blu-ray market share was back up to 11% for the week ending September 6th. Paramount topped the charts with Gladiator and Braveheart. Disney’s Earth came in third, while State of Play and Heroes: Season 3 from Universal rounded out the top five. About a third of all total sales of Blu-ray so far have been of The Dark Knight, and Watchmen has almost 29% market share.

Atlantic Has First 7-Channel HT Sound Bar
– Atlantic Technology introduced the world’s first seven-channel sound bar surround speaker system at last weeks CEDIA Expos in Atlanta. It is a single 40-inch-wide wall-mountable enclosure. For optimal integration with the FS-7.0 Atlantic also has the SB-800, an 8-inch 100-watt subwoofer especially designed for the sound bar. The sound bar’s front baffle has three one-inch soft dome tweeters handling the upper frequencies of the front three channels. Also on the front panel are a pair of 4×6 woofers with dual voice coils allowing them to reproduce all three of the front channels’ upper bass and midrange. The left driver reproduces the left channel and half of the center, while the right driver handles the right channel plus the other half of the center. The company designed a unique pair of full range 3 1/4-inch drivers mounted on either end of the cabinet. Their locations are precisely determined to maximize the soundfield immersion by taking advantage of reflections from the front and side walls of the room. The drivers also have a triple voice coil design, allowing them to reproduce both the side and rear surround channels, as well as a portion of the front left and right channels to impart a greater sense of spaciousness to the frontal soundstage. The FS-7.0 retails at $800 plus $300 for the SB-800 sub.

Summit Wireless Surround Technology Gains More Manufacturer Support
– Focus Enhancements, supplying wireless audio technologies, announces the commitment of more home theater and speaker contract manufacturers to their  Summit wireless integrated circuitry, which enables home audio systems to deliver hi-res, distortion-free audio with ease, using the recently-opened 5GHz UNII band spectrum. The technology features up to 7.1 channels of 48kHz/24-bit digital signals, with automatic speaker setup. Tymphany, a leading Hong Kong speaker maker, says they found Summit the first solution that meets customer expectations with ease of setup without sacrifice of audio performance. Hansong Technology and Anam Electronics are two other Asian firms developing products using Summit, and U.S. speaker-maker Aperion Audio features Summit in their Intimus 5 series of speakers.

AES Paper to Show apt-X® Lossless Outperforms FLAC – Speaking in advance of his paper to be delivered at the 127th AES (Audio Engineering Society) Convention in NYC next month, Dr. David Trainor of Belfast-based APTX, described research showing that the latest addition to the apt-X portfolio of scalable audio compression solutions – apt-X Lossless – has the potential to elevate the quality of multichannel audio transmitted over wireless networks, and mitigate many of the deployment issues traditionally associated with lossless audio coding. The advantages of apt-X Lossless are of interest to the makers of next-generation consumer devices because they have a positive impact on audio quality, bandwidth efficiency, power consumption, and processor load. Some of the highlight specs of apt-X Lossless are its ability to do lossless compression up to 96 kHz sampling rates and sample resolutions up to 24 bits, extremely low coding delay, highly scalable, and easily portable across multiple hardware and software platforms. Other apt-X audio codecs are being used in broadcast hardware, pro audio systems and consumer electronic devices.

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