Audio News for September 5, 2007

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Dolby Volume Technology Demo – Dolby Laboratories demonstrated at an audio exhibit in Berlin its Dolby Volume technology for home audio systems, including receivers and HT-in-a-box systems. Dolby Volume addresses varying level settings  – such as blasting commercials or loud sounds in movie soundtracks – at the playback device, delivering a consistent and high-quality audio experience from a wide spectrum of sources and playback devices. Consumers can enjoy their favorite music and movies without having to constantly  adjust volume levels. The technology performs measurement, analysis and control of volume levels according to a psychoacoustic model based on the characteristics of human hearing. Dolby Volume complements Dolby Digital – the de facto standard for surround and the audio standard for DVD-Video and DTV telecasting in North America.  Dolby Digital contains a mechanism controlling loudness thru the digital broadcast chain; specifically the dialog normalization parameter, which indicates the average program loudness. This parameter – encoded in the audio stream – enhances Dolby Volume’s functionality, but the technology also addresses variations of loudness for program sources other than Dolby Digital, including analog TV and other audio formats. Dolby Volume is designed to work at any level setting, giving improved intelligibility and ambience even at very low volume.

Legal Battle Over Misrepresented 1080p HDTVs –
A group identifying itself as “1080p-Legal” is researching a possible class action suit against major HDTV manufacturers who sold sets during 2005 & 2006 promoted as “1080p” but which have no 1080p inputs for plugging in sources such as Blu-ray or HD DVD players. (And broadcast HD – even over-the-air – is either 720p or 1080i, not 1080p.) The displays were touted as the new 1080p, with resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels, but the manufacturers neglected to explain that the inputs were only 1080i and if you tried to plug in a 1080p source you would get no image at all.  The group asks anyone who purchased such a misrepresented “1080p” HDTV in 2005 or 2006 to fill out a form at their site and they will be contacted by a law firm rep to review the situation and possible courses of action. 1080p Legal Site.

Naxos Distributes ATMA Label
– Naxos of America announces that it now handles U.S. distribution of the exciting Canadian classical label, ATMA Classique, based in Montreal. With a catalog of over 250 releases – many of them SACDs – ATMA’s projects often entail artistic cross-pollination between performing artists from different countries and cultures. Naxos is also the U.S. distributor for Naxos World, Marco Polo, Naive Classique, CPO, Dacapo, CBC Records, First Edition, Pentatone, Artek, Andante, Profil, The London Philharmonic Orchestra and Amadis, as well as many DVD labels and Naxos AudioBooks.

BBC Audio Zone Offers Spoken Entertainment/Information – The new BBC web site offers over 1400 Audiobook titles to sample and download, using Audible content – the leading provider of spoken recorded material on the Internet.  The contact may be downloaded and played back on any portable digital audio device, smartphones, PDAs and satellite navigation systems. The content may also be burned onto a CD.  Spoken readings and entertainment are becoming the next big thing for the iPod generation. The BBC  downloads offer a wide choice – from comedy, drama, novels, children’s titles, to sci-fi such as Dr. Who and The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Universe. BBC Audio Zone.

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