Audio News for September 9, 2007

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HD Radio May Not Make It – According to the broadcasting blog of former broadcaster and founder of Inside Radio, Jerry del Colliano, “HD Radio’s chances of making it to prime time are slim to none…” He says the erroneously named HD Radio was too late to the party. The younger generation doesn’t want a terrestrial radio signal – digital or analog. “Give any young person a choice between an iPod and a radio and you know the verdict…HD Radio will not be under the tree.”  He observes that few people even have the receivers, and they can’t currently listen on a mobile device – which is satellite radio’s big advantage. No real money is being spent on HD programming; “it has become a virtual garbage dump for terrestrial programmers.”  It’s developers – iBiquity – are said to be looking at additional revenue opportunities other than traditional broadcast.

Sony HD Home Theater Kit – Sony has announced what sounds like a very useful all-in-one HD HT setup that requires only an HD display for a complete system.  Unfortunately, neither the price nor a name for it other than a bunch of letters and numbers has been revealed thus far. The kit includes an S300 Blu-ray player, four tower speakers and a subwoofer for 5.1 surround with automatic calibration and wireless audio streaming from a PC. It has Bluetooth for connecting an MP3 player or mobile phone, and three HDMI inputs.

Lifestyle Changes Modify Home Design – More people are working from home today than ever before; it’s become a way of life for many. Technology has a major role in the new business paradigms of telecommuting and home offices. A recent CEA survey showed that most home builders are finding the home technology market very important in the marketing of new homes. The No. 1 reason to include home technologies last year was at the specification of the buyer or architect. Consumers demand more space for home offices and home theaters. More than 60% of builders and contractors now employ custom technology installers. Buyers may want just a home theater room or an intricate home network with servers and structured wiring thruout the house. Another study from the American Institute of Architects (AIA) found that home offices are the most popular special function room in the hearts and minds of consumers. And lower costs and increased availability of AV technology options has resulted in a surge of home theater popularity as well.  Homeowners today are using their homes differently from previous generations – putting less focus on the amount of space in the home and more focus on how that space is being used.

Pavarotti Dead at 71 – Italian opera singer Luciano Pavarotti died Thursday in northern Italy. As a pop culture star, he has extended himself far beyond the bounds of Italian opera.  He performed with rock stars and started the phenomenal Three Tenors franchise. His voice remained good in his later years but after 1980 he no longer learned new repertory.

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